Writing and Evaluating Essay Prompts - From The Mining Co.

Writing and Evaluating Prompts

Directions for Writing Prompts
  1. Write ___ essay prompts using the following format.
  2. Situation: State the situation in one or two sentences.
  3. Directions for writing: State this in one sentence in a separate paragraph from the situation.
  4. For an expository essay, use "explain," "describe" or "state."
  5. For a persuasive essay, use "persuade" or "convince."
  6. Skip lines and write very neatly.
  7. Write expository and persuasive prompts on separate sheets of paper so they can be kept separate after they are turned in.
  8. When you are finished check very carefully and revise as necessary for
    1. A) Clarity and
    2. B) Conventions (grammar, punctuation and spelling). 

    Rubric for Evaluating Prompts

_____ (1-4) 1. The topic is interesting to teenagers.

_____ (0-1) 2. The topic does not require specific prior knowledge.

_____ (0-1) 3. Neither the prompt nor the wording shows bias.

_____ (0-1) 4. The topic is neither religious nor unduly emotional.

_____ (0-1) 5. The prompt is written clearly.

_____ (0-1) 6. The prompt will not tend to elicit lists or obvious responses.

_____ (0-1) 7. The prompt can be successfully addressed in 40 minutes.

______ (Total Possible = 10)