Slang is not all that different from so called proper English so here's a few terms:

cat or dog- a person; that cat is buggin'.
crib- house; my crib is up the street.
gat- gun; I got the gat.
flows- rap songs; Just kick a few flows.
cristol- champagne or wine; We'll drinking cristol.
illin'- to be hanging out looking cool we're just illin'.
get some ass, hit- sleep with someone; I gotta get some ass. I want to
hit that chick.
blazed- high on marijuana; I'm so blazed.
spray- shoot; I just started spraying niggaz.
player hater- someone who disapproves sleeping around; You shouldn't
player hate if you're a player.
cheddar, chips, bacon, cheese, cream, cabbage, green, dollar bills,
benjamins, franklins, Gs- money $
rotten to the core- hopelessly corrupted; That cat is rotten to the
(to) rock ice- (to) wear diamonds, gold; I'm ice rocking, gucci
want beef- to pick a fight; Do you want beef?
flip the script- turn the tables; I just flipped the script.
on the low, on the D.L.(down low), creeping- hiding (a secret); I got
together with her, on the low.
What the blood clot?- a saying like; What the hell?
pull it- pull the trigger; Just don't pull it.
baby mom- girlfriend; My baby mom left me for my cousin.
good fellas- guys who have it all; Good fellas get all the girls.
carats- diamonds; Look at those carats.
front- to be untrue to yourself; Don't front like you're tough when
you're ain't.

1.What up son (meaning How are you doing)
2.Son (I call my brother son cause he shine like on)
3.We all no how money has changed over the years:Dough, moola, Cheddar, 
loot, dividends, Chips,etc.
4.She's thick (She has a nice body)
5.She's a Dimepiece (She is a nice lookin women altogether)
6.Thug nigga (A Ghetto resident Who's makin the best of it)
7.Chickenhead (a girl who reveals herself Unfit to ever becoming a woman!) 
8.youknowwhatI'msayin.(do you know what I'm talking about)

Peeps- people, friends
Played- 1. disrespected 2. cheated on by girlfriend or boyfriend
(You played me!) (my girl played me)
Doe low- alone (I'm going doe low)
Macking- getting a lot of something (He's macking those girls)
Pimpin- taking a female for all her money then alow your friends to get a 
chance as well. (He stay pimpin)
Stay- always, constantly (why you stay bothering me)
Na- no (you want to go out? Na)
Sweating- constantly after a girl or boy you want and making it extremely 
obvious. (stop sweating her already damn)

1.What up son-Hi
2.That shit was the bomb- It was nice
3.Yo Son do me this  solid- Do me this favor
4.That shit is phat- It's nice
7.I'm chillin-having a nice time
8.You're loose-out of control
9.Chicken Head - Stupid girl

That shit is phat-That stuff is nice
You my boo-Your my sweet heart
That's my nigga-That's my friend
Shorty looks thick-That girl has a nice body
Wuttup fool-Whats up friend
Son,Dun-Anyone in particular
Thats the shiznits-Thats the shit
Wessyyddee-West coast
My pockets are thick-I have lots of money in my pocket
Lets bounce-Lets leave
Bust a nut-To ejaculate
Shook one-A scared person
Whats the verdict-Whats the decision
She's wildin-She's acting crazy

1. Son!!  means a person you are close to.  Yo son, get over here.
2. Throw down!!  means to get in a fight with another person.  Me and 
this nigger was about to throw down.
3.Nigga!!  Means another person you are talking to.  Yo nigga, where 
you going?
4.Blunts!!  Means marijuana.  Yo, lets roll this blunt and smoke it.
5.On the real!!  Means I'm telling you the truth.

	Instead of "was up g" or "was up b" now we say "wasup son", 
"wasup nigga", "wordup dogs" or "wordup dun". Instead of "bitch", now we say 
"biatch".Instead of saying "yo, I'm chilling" now we say "yeah I'm thugging". And 
instead of saying "whodat?" now we say "who dat cat?".
"On the real" means "all jokes aside"
" What's the verdict?" means "what's going on?"
"Do you blow?" means "do you smoke?"
 "Lets motivate" means "lets go"
"Do you have c.r.e.a.m?" means "do have money" and "C.R.E.A.M" stands for 
"Cash Rules Everything Around Me".