"Homies, Romans, G's, listen up:
I am here to put Caesar down, not to mack it up with him.
The wacked things some peeps do remain with them;
The phat stuff chills with their bones;
So let it hang with Caesar.  The dope Brutus
Filled you in that Caesar was a dreamer,
If that's the dilly, it was mad messed up,
And Caesar totally dealt.
Here, under the wing of Brutus and the gang --
For Brutus is the illest G around;
So are they all ill G's --
I am here to rap at Caesar's funeral.
He was my homeboy, and he kept it real;
Yo but like Brutus says that he was a dreamer
And Brutus is an ill G...."

And another favorite:

"Dogs, homies, and my peeps, listen up.
I come to put C-dog 6 feet under, not to give him props.
The evil that homies do lives on after they get capped,
The fly stuff mostly stays with their bones.
So let it be with C-dog.  The loyal Brutus
Shouted out to you that Caesar has visions.
If that was true, it was a bad mistake
And Caesar took the fall for it.
Here, he got wasted by Brutus and his crew --
But Brutus is mad cool;
They are all mad cool --
I came to talk in C-dog's funeral.
He was my boy, and he was mad loyal --
But Brutus said he got too greedy
And Brutus is a fly homie...."