Son- means like a friend or homeboy.
Example: What's up Son.

Words like "Son" and "Cat" don't necessarily mean a friend or homeboy. They're words used similarly to "buddy" or "pal". Now "Buddy", and "Pal" could be used to describe a friend but if I said "Hey buddy, I'm gonna kick your ass", it doesn't mean I'm going to kick my friends ass, you know? They're just used to identify another person: "Son wanted to fight.", "This cat stopped me on the train and asked for some money.", "I told son to chill, but I had to do what I had to do.", "I saw this cat with your girl yesterday."


From Danny Kastro
"Son" aint exactly a friendly word...

It can be a verb too...

"That cat got "sonned" up... he let duke punch him in he face and didnt fight back at all..."

sonned = made frightened / shook
even better, made to look cowardly

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