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Most of the software I use is Shareware. My word processing programs are commercial. If I cannot alter the text or create the text in the software, generally speaking I do not use it except in those situations to augment my lessons.

In my English class the scholars are responsible for: vocabulary, spelling, grammar, reading, discussing, listening and writing. These tasks are done on the computer. I've been doing this in grades 9-12 since 1985 with Chapter One, mainstream, and Honor scholars.

To DOWNLOAD the entire package go Here and read the README.NOW file to proceed. Otherwise follow each of the sample links below to do it piecemeal.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions, comments, etc, do not hesitate to conact Me

Vocabulary is done this way:
VETY: My own vocabulary program. See NY TIMES, March 18, 1992, page B7, Going Back to Classics To See How Words Work. I fashioned an old Hartley program to present the VETY words. It was the first software program I wrote. I keep updating and improving it. Essentially I am allowed to present six lines of text as a question or as information. If a question is asked then I have the option of providing hints, explanations and of course answers. There are 30 frames per lesson. It is a very handy CAI type program. It keeps score too. It is adapted from the Hartley program: Who, What, When, and Where.

samples include CL.exe, CL1.exe, CL2.exe, Brun.exe,, students.dat, vety1.les
to run this program, run color80 and then cl.exe. Type VETY1 when asked for a lesson.

Spelling is presented via the flasher which provides eye muscle improvement of peripheral vision and helps with spelling. FLASHER: Emile Gardette, 5018 Hauck Drive, New Orleans, LA 70127-3826, (504)246-1339 / (504)242-7669
I have taken selected spelling words from a list provided by our "Education Gods" and presented them in a flashword style. The purpose is to strengthen eye muscle not necessarily spelling, although this is a by-product.

samples include 4.bat, all flash files and wordlist.000

I present spelling and grammar lessons via the programs from QUEUE. I like them because I can alter their work to suit my needs. QUEUE Intellectual Software: 333 Commerce Drive, Fairfield, CT 06430, 1.800.232.2224
These programs are alterable. If I wish to change, add, or delete any parts of the lessons I can. I love this for individual work and tutoring.

samples include 5.bat, 6.bat, titles.dat, all module files, and Quest3.exe

I use a text to screen program, similar, to a browse or page DOS program, but with more capability and with neat screens to help present the text. I use a scanner to scan the stories and then a word processor to do the editing. READ: REXXCOM SYSTEMS, P.O. BOX 111, SCHOOLEYS MTN., NJ 07870, 908.852.0086.

samples include 1.bat, all .deb and .det files, advue-e.exe to run and autodoc.exe to make them.

The scanned text and CAI allows me to ask the questions at the points in the story I wish to ask. The scholars interact with the text as if they were interacting in class. The key is that each and every scholar answers my questions, takes notes, and does the work. CAI: PC-CAI, TexaSoft, Box 1169, Cedar Hill, TX 75104, 1-800-955-TEXAS.

samples include 2.bat, all cai files, brun30.exe

A more elaborate CAI program with hypertext capability. Total interaction. TUTOR WRITER: INFORMATION ENTREPRENEUR SOFTWARE, P.O. BOX 11282, SPRING, TX 77391 - 1282, VOX/FAX: 713.251.7517, Compuserve: 70441,2746; WWW:

Tester is a great program that presents and administers multiple choice, True/False, fill in the blank type tests. TESTER: Emile Gardette, 5018 Hauck Drive, New Orleans, LA 70127-3826, (504)246-1339 / (504)242-7669

samples include 3.bat, tester.exe, test.cnf, and .tst files.

My scholars do their written work with one of these programs. WordPerfect or Word. However since 1995, I have slowly replaced ther Intranet with the Internet, so this above software is being used less and less as I slowly transform this work onto the Net. Many of the applications named above served as preparation for the Net, and have outgrown their usefulness for me. However, others still find them invaluable for the work they do, especially in ESL, bilingual, Chapter One, Special Education, and hearing impaired classes. This software has served me well and continues to make a difference in our scholars education. For educational software to be valuable it must be controlled by the teacher and it must be simple to use for the scholar.

Lynn Culp asked: He wanted to know if I knew of
a software program that would allow him to create multiple-choice
tests without having to constantly reformat....

I'm not quite sure what you're looking seemed like you were looking
for software reviews. Here are some to try: The first one is indeed CTAP,
but it seemed to work just fine for me!

If, on the other hand, you're looking for online test creators, my
front-runner is Hot Potatoes.

Barbalee Blair
Clayton, NM

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