Shouts & Murmurs

Emoticons During Wartime

Tom McNichol
December 10, 2007

:-)        0;    No new attacks reported today.


:-(        0;    New attack reported today.


=|:-)=       Th is e-mail is being monitored by Uncle Sam for your protection.


:-x        0;    I’d rather not say in an e-mail that’s being monitored for

             my protection.


:-w        0;    Our current leader speaks with forked tongue.


*:o)        60;   Our current leader is a bozo.


/:-=(       &# 160;  Our current leader in some ways resembles Adolf Hitler,

        & #160;        at least in his disregard for civil liberties during wartime.


:-o        0;    Uh-oh, what was that?


:-@            I hear screaming.


B)         ;    Now donning protective goggles.


.-)        0;    Good Sammy Davis, Jr., movie on tonight.


<|-)           Yes, the current conflict resembles Vietnam.


+<:-)       0; Pope to make appeal for peace.


(:3        0;    No, I am the Walrus.


:(=)        60;  Interesting Jimmy Carter piece in today’s Times.


[:-)        0;   I’m listening to my iPod.


3:-o        60;  Bovine encephalitis attack!


:-)8        60;  Latest George Will column still doesn’t get it.


@:-[--      New Osama bin Laden message released.


8-/        0;    Local chemical attack causing blindness.


:-#        0;    Kiss your ass goodbye.