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I have compiled a list of links which should serve to augment some of the reading you have done in the in Crumlish: Chapters 8-12

Making your webpage.

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    Feature Articles
    Table of Contents: Distance Education & Critical Thinking A Quarterly...
    Wired Schools A technology revolution is about to sweep America's classrooms
    A Conversation:
    > Does anybody know of any empirical research published in a peer reviewed
    > journal on the effectiveness of online instruction compared to traditional
    > classroom instruction.

    It is true there is little research in this area ... one of the best and
    most comprehensive of these studies was conducted by Ron Owston, who found
    the web courses to be at least as effective based on the outcomes he
    measured ... I presented a paper on such comparison studies last year at
    AERA, that has a reference to the Owston study ... (click on the first one "The
    Horse and the Cart in Web-Based Instruction: Prevalence and Efficacy")


    TRUSTe : The guide features extensive information regarding online privacy, commonly-used words associated with online privacy and a list of resources to foster a better understanding of how personal privacy can be compromised on the Web.

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  • Web Site Evaluation For Teachers
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