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WEEK 12 Nov 29

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"This Campus is Being Simulated"
James Traub
New York Times Magazine,
November 19, 2000
An interesting article that looks at two new ventures, Global Education Network (GEN) and, and their efforts to offer an Ivy League-level education over the Internet. Since academics and entrepreneurs make somewhat strange bedfellows in the online education market, it's nearly impossible to foresee the long-term impact of Internet on higher education. However, it is clear that there are both interesting ideas and millions of dollars behind the movement: GEN's goal seems to be to revolutionize the academy, while relies on a sophisticated business model.

"Degrees Granted Online May Lack Status"
Rebecca Weiner
New York Times,
November 15, 2000
A recent survey done by, a website that offers prospective employees information on various companies, reveals that most employees do not perceive a degree from an online university as fully credible. Those who accredit universities predict that most online-only schools will eventually become affiliated with in-person universities as a way of increasing respectability. Employers generally feel that online university students miss out on the "real time pedagogical exchange" that occurs in a face-to-face class, although most agree its too early to tell what the qualitative difference between online an din-person courses are. recommends that online schools take a more proactive approach towards increasing industry confidence in the academic degrees they confer.

"Online Assessment: Changing the Way You Test"
Cynthis Sistek-Chandler
Converge Magazine,
November 2000
A summary of some of the online testing and assessment tools available to teacher and administrators, including a new crop of products that address the somewhat incompatible need for teachers to provide both standardized and individualized (portfolio) assessment of student learning. This article discusses the use and benefits, test design, and reliability of various new online products.