Notes on the Readings in
Adult Learning and the Internet
Edited by Brad Cahoon

Chap 3: "Course Development on the World Wide Web" by Katheleen P King

  • Gretchen's story illustrates the growing trend of adult learners. What are your thought son this?
  • basics for the web-based instructor:
    1. post syllaweb include email link
    2. post links to web sites of relevancy
    3. have students write reviews of web sites.
    4. use e-mail and ftp
    5. create web page using basic editor and move to advanced.
    6. use of on-line tests
    7. on-line conferencing
    8. use web tools to add bells and whistles.

    Thoughts to ponder:

  • Know technology of institution. Can students access from outside? Can all access from other than school? Do students have enough skills for course?
  • How does web assist in course? How will web be used?
  • How will web sites be developed? Public and private issues. How will they be evaluated?
  • Pay attention. Constant evaluation. Use a Style sheet.
  • web-based: independence, greater productivity, new experiences; practice after theory; constant on-line resource; empowers student to go beyond; always under construction; becoming more user-friendly.
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