Notes on the Readings in
Teaching and Learning at a Distance
Edited by Thomas E Cyrs

Chap 2: "Competence in Teaching at a Distance" by Thomas E Cyrs

  • Online teaching is not the same as traditional classroom.
  • Areas of competence:
  • Course planning and organization:
    know difference between two environments.
    logistical knowledge like copyright
    know learning theory
  • Verbal and nonverbal presentation skills:
    teleinstructor is missing body and facial language
  • Collaborative teamwork
    DE is more collaborative, needs to be.
    Need to work as team.
  • Questioning strategies
    be able to devise questions for all levels of learners.
    ground rules
    promote student questining
  • Subject matter expertise
    know subject
    know how subject will be learned by student via exampls, analogies, visual...
  • Involving students and coordinating their activities at field sites
    the teleinstructor needs to be able to juggle better esp on remote sites.
  • Basic learning theory
    know many learning theories
  • Knowledge of the distance learning field
    Know delivery systems
    know synchronous and asynchronous
  • Design of study guides correlated with the television screen
    be conscious of how guides will be projected on monitor
  • Graphic design and visual thinking
    learn to visualize ideas
    use of multimedia
  • DE is not the same as traditional classroom teaching and requires more time.

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