Notes on the Readings in
Teaching and Learning at a Distance
Edited by Thomas E Cyrs

Chap 9: "The Internet: A Learning Environment" by Rory McGreal

  • Linking people from all over to be in same class.
  • Allows for anonymity
  • Evolution of Net
  • Vocab:
    Telnet, gopher, ftp, usenet, veronica, archie, wais
    browsers: mosaic, netscape, IE, Opera, Cello, lynx
    CMC, CAI
    IRC, MOO, MUD, Chat, IM

  • When developing a web page for education, use multiple files instead of scrolling.

    Notes to Instructors

    make references to other sites on net via hypertext
    archive work
    post notes
    have students do own page
    be consistent (use templates)
    employ multimedia to a degree
    have scholars use lists


    overwhelming learner with info
    scrolling, use files
    using too much multimedia
    not using hyperlinks
    using too much text, use bullets...
    not checking links to be sure they work
    using large files and graphics

  • Always check website for dead links, grammar/spelling, timeliness of content.

  • See CyberEnglish

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