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Imitation is Suicide.

September 6, 2004


Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.
Charles Swindoll

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FINAL WebFolios!! S C H O L A R S, Y O U / H A V E / A L L / S U M M E R, K E E P / G O I N G

2007 Scholars' Work of Cyber English - All
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in Room 237 at
Information Technology HS
with Ted Nellen
Ms McLean Spring Semester CoTeacher

The Pledge
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Seven Habits - HTML - Check your Yahoo Email
Changing your passwordPassword

Do Now:

# Today's Word of the Day. Be sure to use this site for VETY.
# Misspelled Word of the Week
# Today's Quote of the day. How are these relevant to you?
# Today in Literature
# On This Day
# A Poem a Day
# Check Email Often!!
# The LIST



Spring Semester:
Final Project
[Poetry - Midsummer Night's Dream]
[VETY - I am - Book Reviews - Peer Review - Journal - Your Quote]
Fall Semester:
[Emperor's New Clothes - Opinion 1 - Harrison Bergeron - Your Quest]

  • CONTENT is KING, NOT Design. So concentrate on the content of your pages!!
  • Lead-Ins for writing and speaking.

    * We will be studying poetry from this
    * Also be sure to visit Ms McLean's page
    * You will create a page with at least three poems. These poems will demonstrate your understanding of the style of the three poems we studied. Consider the importance of the metaphor.

    For ee cummings, select an abstract word and use a concrete example to show idea.
    Use the computer language to create apoem.
    Create portmaneaus in a poem.
    * Call this file poem01.html.

    LINK to poems
    LINK to HipHop

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    What quote of the day would you put on your homepage? Wander through the previous
    Quotes of the day. Select one you like and find an important one for you. Place it on your homepage (index.html) in a prominant place. Then provide a link to a new file you create named: quote.html and explain the quote and its importance to you. For scholars with frames, perhaps that upper right window would be a good place for it. Have fun!!
    Imitation is Suicide.

    For the Spring Semester: Choose a quote and use it as Critical Lens.

  • Provide a valid interpretation of the quote (Critical Lens) that clearly establishes a criteria for analysis.
  • Do you agree or disagree with the interpretation?
  • Choose a piece of literature to support your opinion.
  • Use the criteria suggested by the critical lens (quote) to analyze the work you have chosen.
  • Name this file quote1.html

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    Seeking equality in
    Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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    Opinion on Xenophobia: Articles you must read for your first opinion which will be named: opin01.html.

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    Your Journal: Your journal is now going to be very important. It will be your record of what you are thinking, what you are doing to earn that 90. You will have to justify that 90, defend that 90, so use the journal to help you do it. This
    link will help you better understand writing in the journal.

    You will call it "journal.html" and place a link to it on your "index.html" file before your "resume.html" link. Use the "paper" file from HTML link (#5 in basic files section). Using the "pico" editor create and write the "journal.html" file. This new file will be a writing journal of sorts, where you record thoughts about what you are doing in this class as it relates to your work. Make entries on a regular basis that show your inquiry and adventures in CyberEnglish. This journal will include hopes, fears, and correspondences with those who write you about your work, your thoughts about their comments, your reactions, and other matters of concern as you traverse CE. Be sure to date each entry. ALSO include links to your archives in this file. Whenever you archive add a link to new archive in "journal.html".
    They should look like this:

    <li><a href="./092403/">Sept 24, 2003</a> Note the . before /.
    <li><a href="./100103/">Oct 1, 2003</a> Note the . before /.

    Some Starters for your Journal...

      I now realize...
      I learned..
      I was reminded of ..
      I was surprised to learn that..
      I feel..
      I remember when..
      I'm beginning to wonder..
      Someday I would like to..
      This makes me conclude..
      I discovered..
      I've revisited an old idea about..

    More Prompts


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    Peer Review and Rubrics

    Add your webpage to favorites
    You will select the two students after your name in the same group to do peer review. If you are at bottom wrap around to top of list. Peer review all of their work and cc me, too.

    About Telementoring. Now that you officially have email, you will be in contact with people outside of school. Revisit the AUP. It is crucial you do NOT give any personal information about yourself such as address and phone numbers and NEVER agree to meet anyone outside of school on your own. Invite that person to the school and whenever you have any questions, be sure to speak to me immediately! To help you, please cc me in an early correspondence with your telementor about the correspondence so the three of us - you, me, and the telementor - are aware of this correspondence. You do not need to include me in all correspondences, just an early one so we all know I am involved and that you feel safe. I will constantly remind you of this in class. As you use your email, begin to make folders to save email from various people about your work so you can use it to describe your own inquiry into your own work. These saved emails will also provide you and me with documents to assist you in maintaining a safe online existence. Be careful and pay attention as you engage in email correspondence so the experience is fruitful and not harmful. We will constantly speak about maintaining email folders for your records and scholarship. The purpose of you having email and having telementors is to assist you in your pursuit of scholarship and should be a positive experience and not a negative one, so keep me informed as things progress and include your email corespondence when you reflect upon your growth as a scholar and in your writing.

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    The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson

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    I am

    For each word, show us, don't tell us how that word applies to you. Please provide two examples from your life, one school related and the other non-school related, that shows us how that word is one of your qualities of genius.
    One word every three weeks.
    Your Iam may need an Introductory Paragraph to introduce the Reader to what you are doing and perhaps how to navigate your site if it is tricky. As you move from one quality to the next, consider transition, that is a smooth jump from one quality to the next. One would call it weaving the parts together like one creates a quilt.

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    Book Review

    You should begin looking at list of books for next month and get it at library. You may have to order it, so start now!! I am interested in how this book is relevant to you and what you have learned about yourself from reading this book. DO NOT RETELL THE STORY OF THE BOOK!
    Link to Sept Book Review 1
    Link to Oct Book Review 2
    Link to Nov Book Review 3
    Link to Dec Book Review 4
    Link to Jan Book Review 5
    Link to Feb Book Review 6
    Link to Mar Book Review 7
    Link to Apr Book Review 8
    Link to May Book Review 9

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    Vety 14
    Use Merriam-Webster or this Dictionary. Here is a LIST of more dictionaries.
    When you come into room 237 to use the VETY disk, sit at an even numbered computer with VETY disk and use the dictionary on the computer to your right.
    Work in teams.

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    Putty to maintain Webpage.

    Change your password: At $ prompt type passwd
  • Annotate index.html
    email protocol:
    - write a subject and add 01, 02, 03 depending on your class.
    - address recipient by name and sign all email.

  • email should look like this:
    <a href="mailto:YOUR EMAIL">YOUR EMAIL</a>
  • Change your password: At $ prompt type passwd

  • Learn basic Putty and UNIX commands.
  • HTML Pay attention to details, details, details.
  • Digitize your work for other classes by posting your work, your notes...

    - mkdir DATE (ex. 100103) ENTER
    - cp *.* DATE (ex. 100103) ENTER

  • Use dir or ls to see files.
  • Backing up your work.
    1. email your work to yourself
    2. make a mirror site. you have a geocities account so use it.
  • Get a telementor. Do you know anyone, relative, friend, former teacher, neighbor, anyone who you have had as a mentor who could become telementor for you? You can find your own telementors, too.

  • I am seeing homepages that may have too many pictures and moving parts as well as pages that are hard to read. Consider putting links to your work at the top of the page and the pictures, etc at the bottom, OR better yet create a new page like gallery.html that contains all of these graphics and things, and then link to it from the homepage. This first page is a Table of Contents and should not dissuade people from wanting to view your work.

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    Read The NewS!!

    Why? Good Question. By reading, the news, you become informed about your world, about yourself. By acquiring this information you become a better person and citizen. A good example of why you should be a reader comes from the behavior and subsequent actions of our own President Bush.
  • Read these Articles for your first opinion.

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    1. ELA Regents
    2. Groups
    3. Exercise your hands, wrists, and more to prevent Carpal
    4. Read the AUP
    5. Plagiarism
    6. Beautify Home with our Style Sheet.
    7. Our Standards
      For ITHS scholars.
    8. Assessment
    9. SAY: "I will Graduate from High School I will Graduate from College" when it gets tough.
    10. Update Resumes
    11. PunkVoter
    12. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread...
    13. Cybergrrls
    14. Earth as Art
    15. Signs of NYC
    16. MrPicassoHead
    17. Williamsburg Bridge 100 years old
    18. Mars Rover
    19. bushin30seconds
    20. MLK, Jr.
    21. Reading Rants
    22. Student fights for the right to be 'right'
    23. No Name Calling
    24. FanFiction
    25. Vonnegut Cold Turkey

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    Seven habits of proficient readers:
    1. activating prior knowledge

    a. text-to-self
    b. text-to-text
    c. text-to-world
    2. creating mental images (visualizing)
    3. questioning
    4. determining importance
    5. synthesizing
    6. making inferences
    7. monitoring for meaning

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    © tednellen 2003