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Is Violence a solution?

Far Rockaway Explodes.
Is Security Policy the only Policy?
Police in The First 12 Schools in NYC
Holy Toledo Is this the answer?
What's Wrong?

Create a file called violence.html and discuss your reactions to these articles.

Your Rights

Create a file called rights.html and speak about your reactions to these three articles. What are your rights? Anyone right? anyone wrong? What are the issues?

Two high school students in Snellville, Georgia, are taking their school administrators to court. The students were suspended for criticizing one of their teachers in an online posting. After an anonymous student brought these postings to the attention of the school, administrators decided they were violent threats and disciplined the students. With the support of the American Civil Liberties Union, the students filed a lawsuit charging school officials with violating their right to free speech.

A federal judge has ruled that Bretton Barber, a high school student in Dearborn, Michigan, should not have been disciplined by school officials for wearing a T-shirt calling President Bush an "International Terrorist." "Students benefit when school officials provide an environment where they can openly express their diverging viewpoints and when they learn to tolerate the opinions of others," the judge declared.

Rachel Boim, a high school freshman in Atlanta, Georgia, was expelled for writing a story about a student who dreams she kills a teacher. Rachel wrote the story in her private journal, which was confiscated when she passed it to a classmate. Rachel was taken from her classroom the next day by school police and expelled. The expulsion was later temporarily lifted, allowing Rachel to return to school while the school board reviews her case.

4. Raid at High School Leads to Racial Divide, Not Drugs

GOOSE CREEK, S.C., Dec. 8 It was partly a tip from an informant, partly the activity he saw on the Stratford High School surveillance cameras that led the school's principal to call in the police for an early morning drug sweep here on Nov. 5.

But it was also tape from the surveillance cameras, showing the police drawing guns on students, handcuffing them, making them kneel facing the wall and finding no drugs at all that has set off protests and created a racial divide.

Raid at High School Leads to Racial Divide, Not Drugs


The Seven Habits Covey

  • Have students read poem (after TOC) prologue many times.
  • Favorite sentence and why? key words.
  • Mine: "Show me.."
  • Why this book written:
    guinea pigs
    no playground, jungle
    for teens
    problems real
  • The 7 habits of EFFECTIVE teens: metaphors
    the tree: private, public, renew
    what you are doing with webpages.
  • Opposites: 7 habits of DEFECTIVE teens:
  • What are HABITS
    are not
    don't matter
  • Change them
  • Always possible
  • Not all relevant
  • Adler
  • Web resources
  • How to navigate book

  • Create your own 7 Habits webpage: sevenhabits.html. You will discuss the seven habits and discuss how each applies to you with an example from your life to show this.

    Paradigms & Principles

    Consider this quote:
      1500 years ago everyone knew the Earth was the center of the Universe.
      500 years ago everyone knew the Earth was flat.
      15 minutes ago you knew people were alone on this planet.
      Imagine what you will know tomorrow.
      K, MIB

    Read pages 11-28

    Now consider the top 10 stupid quotes in juxtaposition to the statements made by teens. Show how you relate to a few of the teen quotes. What is your paradigm? How do the stories tell us about only one side of the story? Are paradigms stereotypes? How do principles help center you and develop your paradigm? How will Baby Steps on page 28 help you?

    Create a new file named paradigm.html


    Please Read this Article titled: 14-Year-Old Killed in Stunt Atop a Subway Train.
    And AGAIN!?!?!?

    Let's discuss Pressure.

    What pressures do you have?
    Where do these pressures come from?
    How do you deal with these different pressures?

    Which pressures should you respond to?
    Which pressures should you NOT respond to?

    Create file called "pressure.html" and discuss your pressures and your reactions to them.

  • Kids' Conscious Acts of Peace

    What is the perfect school?
    create "school.html"

    Okay guys, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

    Reflect about what we spoke of on Friday, before our three day Yom Kippur weekend. It is time for you to react. Create a file called "iwill.html", place a link on your "index.html" file to "iwill.html", use "paper" file in "iwill.html" and tell us what actions you will take to address the problems of tone we discussed and explain what you will do to help create a proper tone in your school.

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    I will
    Perfect School
    Seven Habits

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