Opinion 01

My Opinion on XENOPHOBIA

Read ALL these articles, yes ALL of them. Consider how ALL of them relate to xenophobia in one way or another. Use "xenophobia" as the "critical lens" by which you read these articles. Write your opinion on how XENOPHOBIA is a theme running through ALL the articles. Since there are ten articles, think of them in groups like school, government and the like. Some of these articles are related to others. They are not ten separate and unrelated articles. Be sure to link to the articles as you need to. Provide personal experiences or observations of xenophobia in your conclusion. "Xenophobia" should be part of your title to this essay. And give your esaay a good title. This essay is due November 18.

You will:

create a file called "opin01.html" (or which ever one it is, 02, 03, 04..)
Use "paper" file to start.
Don't forget to link to the articles you read.
Be sure to add a link on homepage to this new file titled: My Opinion on..: annotate

For Help

Some Notes 11/5:
  • title to include xenophobia...
  • quotes around titles of articles
  • use italics for title of paper.
  • strong introductory paragraph about xenophobia, its definition, and perhaps a personal account.
  • then each paragraph thereafter should have xenophobia in topic sentence and the concluding sentence should serve as
  • transition to next paragraph.
  • in each paragraph relate how xenophobia may be a factor. use xenophobia as the critical lense for each article.
  • incorporate title of article into the paragraph with link to the article.

The Articles

  • Immigrants Rally in City, Seeking Rights
  • City to Track Why Students Leave School
  • Bait-and-Switch on Public Education
  • Testing to Create Dropouts?
  • New York to Lower the Bar for High School Graduation
  • On Display at Thrift Shop: Distress
  • Subversive Reading
  • U.S. Must Counteract Image in Muslim World, Panel Says
  • Name Changes, Both Practical and Fanciful, Are on the Rise
  • Scholars of ITHS
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    AnnMarie Hassan
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    Justin Goldberg
    Elmes Gomez
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