Your Final will be a file you name webfolio.html. Place it at the top of Your Work section on your index.html This file will discuss what you have done this semester. You will discuss the impact each assignment had upon you. You will link to that work from this file to your work. The discussion will center on what you learned, how you learned it, and how it has helped you become a scholar. As you reread your work start to make connections between and among your work and discuss these connections in the webfolio page. It will be an important piece that defends your work, grade, and expectations for the future. Start with the experience of being in Cyber English and this kind of class. Continue the discussion about the experience and your work. Assess yourself and your work. After this assessment you WILL find you will need to revise this work. That is what makes this assignment so comprehensive. Reread all your work and revise as you need to. Did you learn how to learn? What did you learn about yourself? Use links to your work to support the answers to these questions. Use links to your work to support your achievement. Talk about your successes. Oh and don't forget the Peer Reviews and Telementors if you had one. Remember to use the journal and your archives to show growth. The work will of course be all the work assigned this semester which also includes VETY. This file will be a roadmap of your work and the writing process. The webfolio is to show the connections you find among your work. So the webfolio starts by you rereading and revising all of your work and the webfolio will happen.

  • You will have to revisit, rewrite, revise ALL of your work.
  • Your iam.html (6 words): Define the word and be sure to have 2 examples, one school related the other non-school related.
  • Book Reviews (5 books): Us italics for titles and be sure to include the author. The Title of the book CANNOT be the title of your essay.
  • Remember as you write and as you always say: "My teacher is so stupid." Do not assume the reader knows anything about the book, poem, article you read. You have to explain things and assume the reader is stupid, afterall, you do say that often.

    For Parents

    I invite all of you to visit ITHS and join us as we review your child's work. The plan is to have each scholar defend his/her work. I would like you to be there. We will schedule your child's defense of his/her work based on your schedule. This will be an important event for the three of us: You, Me, Your Child, in establishing an academic standard for your child's future at ITHS. Please let me know when you can make the arrangement to celebrate your child's work in CyberEnglish.
    These meetings will be scheduled the week of January 19, but not Monday as that is MLK, Jr. Day. We will conduct these Tuesday through Friday of that week. Email me at to make arrangements.

    MORE THINGS TO CONSIDER: In your reflection about your work, yourself, and the class; allow the following be your guide.

  • Can you show growth through your work? Which ones and how?
    Links to archives may help.
  • What evidence, from your work, do you have of new learning?
  • Have you changed in the way you learn?
  • What have you read?
  • What have you written?
  • What did you learn?
  • Do you feel proud of the essays you wrote this entire year? If so, which ones do you feel proud of and why?
  • What did you think of peer editing? Did it give you new ideas about writing and how you can improve your writing?
  • What do you feel about using the Internet to do research? Do you prefer it over using other published sources? Why or why not?
  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet to do research?
  • Did you feel any resistance to using computers in an English classroom in the very beginning? What do you feel about using computers in the English classroom now?
  • Does the computer help you in the process of writing essays? If so, how?
  • Is it easier for you to type out your work, to write it out, or both? If you do both, explain.
  • How does CyberEnglish compare with the other English classes you are taking or have taken in the past?
  • What are some things you have liked about CyberEnglish?
  • What are some ways it can improved? Try to be as specific as possible.

  • Scholars of ITHS
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    Alex Garcia
    Christopher Garcia
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    AnnMarie Hassan
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    Sharon Mook
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    Mychele Nobbs
    Sunny Patel
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    Benny Quiles
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    Justin Goldberg
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    Glen Kelly
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    Carl Lella
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    Milos Stojanovic
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