Marlboro Graduate Center
Managing Technology

Oct 15

Greetings Scholars,

greg it seems you write in raw code or an code-economic authoring tool. pam is writing with netscape composer. and bruce are you using word save as html?

i believe there will be one more person joining us.

these are good solid webquests. have you used them in class? i'd like to hear about that if so. in fact you may want to add a link from the webquest to a file you create which discusses its use and reaction and products of your scholars.

my first reaction is you need web pages, from which your webquests and other work and inquiry is linked. do you have school webspace or your own in addition to the marlboro site? one of our objectives has to be establishing your web presence. in pam and bruce's case, the webquest is the main page name, index.html, so we will have to fix that. greg's page is a home page, under construction and a good start. the purpose of your webpage has to be to get info to your scholars and their parents. when working with teachers, i start them off with this cute template: take a look and use view source to copy the code and modify. my own page took many many years to evolve and has links to other teacher websites, if you want to look at more teacher websites. this will be the main thrust of this course, managing the technology. first establishing a sound homepage and then build links to the resources we use in our craft. the cybrary is just a part of it, an important part, but a part.

so for this first week, i'd like you to organize a homepage that begins the process of communicating with your scholars. the webquests will be a link from the homepage as you will see a link already built in. strip out the NYC stuff, haha. leave the metaphor, cause i'm going to want you to write up your own metaphor. and to help with that, please obtain a copy of this text: Images of Schoolteachers in America Second Edition by Pamela Bolotin Joseph & Gail E. Burnaford; Lawerence Erlbaum Associates Publishers, 2001; ISBN: 0-8058-3087-1 try this website: for a better deal than amazon or elsewhere. and be sure to explore the HTML link. The Reading assignment will be the metaphor link.

and of course if you have any questions about this, dont hesitate to ask. there are no dumb questions.

© Ted Nellen 2002