Paul Turtola & paul stengel
Umit Serin
Dawn Hogue and Mike
Chris Morgan
Kevin Collins and Kate
Leslie S. Rush
Carla Beard
Fran Claggett and Madge
Anita Hoffman Ehrenfried
Jen Breaux and brother
Kim Chism Jasper
Shelby Jasper (my 15 year old daughter)
Kathy McQueen
Whitney Wilson (her 20 something daughter)
Sandy Hayes
Richard Williams
Art Belliveau
Diane Waff
Camilla Saly and Mark Monzingo
Allen Webb
Louann Reid
Gretchen Le & guest
Cindy Adams
Jen Alex
Alex Babione
Ray Palasz & Dr. Lizbeth Bryant
Nancy Patterson
Heather Conn
Judy Taramas & Liz Tanzer
Ted Nellen & Heather LaValle

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