Peggy Smith's 2

I use Carmel Limosine Service: _www.carmellimo.com_ ( when I fly to NY. I have taken them from LaGuardia, but they run cars 24/7 from all 3 airports. They meet you at the airport in a preset location and take you immediately and directly to your hotel. You must reserve ahead of time and I would check out the website and then make the reservation via their 800#, just so you're speaking to a real person. LaG is the lowest priced, but from Newark that late at night it's $50 one way plus the tunnel toll and tip. It would be best if you could share the ride. Howver, the website has coupons for discounts coming and going. You print them up and give them to the driver and he discounts the ride. I will NEVER take the shuttle again after my 2 1/2 hour ride from LaG to go to my cousin's funeral. The car service will also pick you up at a much more reasonable time than the shuttle. And for those of you who are bad-mouthing LaGuardia- all 3 airports have their own special problems. Sure LaG. has pretty crummy food, but if you're going to the airport to eat, you might as well stay home. I have never had a bad experience there. Just my $.02 on the subjects. Peggy Smith editor's note: another service would be the 7's 212-777-7777.