Cyber is very cool, but I dont like it that much. I'm more into the reading and writing. I like the fact that we always on the web and you can get feedback from peers, but I like projects and writing. I can express my feelings easier through writing on pen and paper then typing online. The good thing about CyberEnglish is that your teacher can access your work online instead of the student handing it in. Another thing is that your work is on the web and you cant say you didnt know what it was or you left it at home. I like CyberEnglish but I prefer reading and writing. CyberEnglish made me understand what the b is really about , it showed me how to use it properly and showed me howto give peer reviews.

©Ashley Cadet 2005

I think that Cyber English is a lot better then having regular English. Before in my regular English classes I would have to learn about punctuation. In Cyber English we use the knowledge we already know to write our assingnments on our webpage. I perfer Cyber English to regular English because we don't have to depend on the teacher for every work we do. Also in regular English class a lot more work is expected from the students, not that in Cyber English a lot of work is not excepted but less work is expected. Just like any other English class all our work get feed back. Cyber English has done a lot for me. It has given me a bigger responsibility with my work. I have to be more careful with what I write because others may not understand my work. It also gives me a greater independence in the work I do in this class. Cyber English also helps me in my other classes. I noticed that I use what I learn in Cyber English to do my the work I have to do in my other classes.

© Ana Ledesma 2005

In INFO`TECH H.S. English class, it is very different from other English classes I've had in my recent grades. It is different because this is a CyberEnglish class and we mainly use computers for our works.The projects that are given are vety, book reviews & I am's. The vety quizzes drive me crazy but then again I learn more words as I use the vety method. This is a very good way to improve my vocabulary more. In the I am's, I learn more about myself because I use words such as joy, wonder, imagination etc to find my genius that is inside of me. The book reviews helps me find myself deeper than before by comparing and contrasting myself to other characters in the book. I explain what I go through in life & my school hours. Mr. Nellen would use the smart board to look at our websites and tell us what we need to correct and what to improve on. As he checks our websites, other students can see what they can do better on as well. In other English classes, it was and still is basically reading, talking, discussing about books and roles of characters. I used to do a lot of writing projects in English classes. It was really boring how the teachers there used the same routine over and over everyday. We would use the computers sometimes to research for our book reports. But in CyberEnglish, Mr. Nellen uses good ways of improving our grammer, writing methods & using the dictionary which by the way I had difficulty with. This kind of an English class helps me because most of our projects are all about dictionary, grammer and projects about us. I believe that CyberEnglish has helped me through my problems in an English class.

© Grace Nam 2005

# My English class is so different than other English class that I ever had before. My class is CyberEnglish. We do work on computer, and we do our class work on computers. Also we do our homework on the computer. Other English class they hand out worksheet and write on a notebook. But for my class we look up things on the internet. We also so study for our quiz on our computer. CyberEnglish is better than other English class. Other English class you have to write essay on paper. But we write on the computer typing. CyberEnglish help me a lot in many ways. I learned vety and vocabulary is improving. Also I'm reading books because I have to do Book Review in our class. Also it help me type more faster in the computer. Also another reaoson is that my I learned how type code. I learned how to use putty and make a Home Page. This class made me understand about the langusge and also the internet in the same time. So CyberEnglish is a great class to understand more about English and the computer but together.

© Michael Saavedra 2005

Cyber English well its not wat I thought it would be like it's fun working on your own web page and having my work on there it's so cool but this class is so fast its unbelivable its like we get 3 different projects for each day and then we have to work on putty everyday its so hard because I don't have putty at home so I only have 45 mins everyday os most of the work it getstarted but never completed and that always hold me back from getting a good grade and gets my moms madd so I need a little help.This class is different from my other classes because its not all about writing, vocabulary, and book reports its about learning whats html and other computer languages that very hard because I never took time to read it this class is a very different exprience for me. Cyber English has done some good things for me like slowly show me how to make time to do my work on the internet and my mom likes that cause she hates that I be on the computer all day. Don't spend all day on one thing so i can get a little of everything done thats good.


I think CyberEnglish is a whole lot better than regular English because regular English was sort of boring to me. All we did was write and read. I don't think it kept most of the kids interested in the lessons. I know it didn't keep me interested. But the thing I like about CyberEnglish was the computers. Because it wasn't like I was just sitting there I was actually moving. Plus since I started this class my typing got better and faster. The only thing I don't like about it is that I don't have internet at home so It is sort of hard to keep up with the work that Mr.Nellen gives.
But CyberEnglish is sort of better because it lets the kids expand more with there mind and soul. Like if you were to go to a students webpage you would probably learn something about that child and what they are interested in. And I think that that helps the teacher out by alot,so that the teacher would know how to interact with his or her student. Cyber English now keeps me interested in English. Because there is so much stuff I can do. And I think that it is great that we can use the internet to learn about stuff we've never even heard of, or things we've never seen, just by the click of a button, besides the turn of a page in a textbook.
CyberEnglish to me is just another way to open my eyes to what was prepared for me in this world to learn things that would help me later in life. For example on my webpage, My work, would be compared to what ever picture is on my page. So if you were to go on my page you would already know that I love hiphop and R&B. I have pictures of some of the most famous people out right now just sitting there right next to what the world taught me.

© Krystelle Smiley 2005

Dear Journal, When I first walked in CyberEnglish class I was kind nervous. At first I thought Mr. Nellen was strict but the days past by I realized the he was not that strict at all. In CyberEnglish class all we do is use computers so I was really scared about that because I was not that good using computers. Since I use computers every day my typing skills gets better every time I use the computers. I also learn how to right in codes because in the program putty we have to work with codes. I also learned how to put things in my website by using putty and I know that is going to help in the future. This English class is different from all my other English classes in my other grades. This English is different because we don't write on our note books we don't do homework in books we also don't have textbooks all we use are computers we do all our work on the computer. The projects we have to do are vety, I am's, book reviews, ejournal, and very week we have a vety quiz that is the only thing we don't use the computers for. This English class is also different from all of my other classes because in my other classes we only use the computers once a week. There are some positive and negative things about only using computers. The positive are that you learn how to use codes, your typing skills we always get better, and you could other peoples work to bring you ideas just in case you don't know what to do for some kind of project. The negative things are that there is a lot of people that don't have computers and they don't have time to stay after school.

© Leonardo Gironza 2005

Today in CE class today we were assigned to write about our experiences in this class. I think that this class is pretty easy to pass and you just need to complete all your assignments. I don't always complete my assignments on time but as long as they are handed in, there is never a problem. We don't get a lot of work but they work that we have to do is work that is to be done all year round. Like the I Am assignment and the book reviews have to be done throughout the year. There are no due dates for everything but it just has to be done. A book review is to be done every month and a new word for the I Am is to be done every three weeks. but he never pressures us to keep up with everything. So I just manage to try my best and try to keep up with all of the assignments. When I am behind in some of the projects I always have time to make it up. So I do as much work as I can when I have the time even if I do way more than enough because it will come in handy when I can't get to it later on. When I first came into this class I thought that it would be hard. I thought that we would have to do so much work that our other classes wouldn't mean anything. I still wish that I would have had regular English because I like reading and writing a lot. But in Cyber English all we do is writing assignments on the computer. Cyber English is helping my writing and typing skills. Before I had this class, I couldn't really type that well. and I didn't have an open mind. But now I can just type anything whether it's on my mind or not.

© Tiffanie Holmes 2005

Today in CyberEnglish we had to work on our journals and tell our feelings about this class. I think this class is alright it has its good side and its bad side. At first this class takes some time to get used to after coming from just having regular English classes all my life and I think this is class is kind of difficult because we have so many projects to keep up with at one time. Sometimes it is really easy to fall behind on your work. And sometimes the whole coding and html editing in putty and stuff confuses me. On the first day I was really confused about this class and how every thing works. This class isn't like any of my other English classes but I guess it's easy for some people. One thing I dont like about this class is doing a journal entry every day because sometimes its like you end up doing the same thing every day in school and there is nothing new to write about. I do like that we have web pages and we can basically decorate and design them anyway we want to. One way that CyberEnlgish class has effected me is that I have learned to type faster from all the practice I've had. This class also effects my other classes in some ways. Because of the Etymology that we have beeen working on my vocabulary has grown and I have of better understanding of my other classes. Thats how I feel about this class.

© Denzel Patterson 2005

Cyber English is a very unique twist on the class way of teaching English. First of the main tool is a computer. For me using a computer comes natural since my pervious school was very computer based but I can see for others this may be a very big jump. In this class we use the internet to help us to better understand our work. For example in our vety assignment we have a list of words that are used to make other English words and we use the internet to define them. Then each week we are tested on how well we remembered the definitions of the words.
The other reson its different is because that most of the work is about you. Mr. Nellon won.t even let us use the word .you. in most circumstances. In the book reviews , and the quote of the day we must explains the book or quote's relevance to us, witch is easy and enjoyable for me.
Cyber English is easily the best method of teaching English I have encountered so far. It has helped me to enable myself to explore methods of writing and reading in away I wouldn.t have normally done.

© George Oliver 2005

November 14, 2005 I love CyberEnglish, it is my favorite subject. It is different from all my other classes,mostly because in all the other classes everything is basic and there is nothing special about them but in that class I learn something I never even thought of almost everyday. Since I don't have internet at home it is hard for me to do all my assignments, but it doesn't bother me at all, I just have to go the extra mile to get the job done and it might be a lesson well learned. Another reason why I love CyberEnglish is because of my teacher Mr. Nellen, he is a genius and he really takes the time out to help your students, like so many other teachers at ITHS. You are a great teacher and have taught me things I never even thought of before, like I never thought of having a web page and when I succeeded in doing so I was so happy. I thought that in CyberEnglish we would basically just look up important people in literature on the internet and read some books, the basics was what I was thinking of, but was I off, very off. Before CyberEnglish I was never that interested in technology and I was a dunce when it came to using a computer in the right way, but now I know so many new thinks like creating a new page, the foundation of a web page, and also I am finally typing at a comfortable speed, not like a turtle. I learned so many things in vety and all my other projects. I love to write and things of that nature so when I have to do I am's I don't have any problem doing it because what could be funner than writing about the most important person in the world, me! Also I like the idea that anyone can see my work and judge it, so in the future my employers can see my previous work. In conclusion I feel that CyberEnglish is great tool for students to learn in High School and I think that I should have learned all of this in Junior High so that I would already have the foundation.

© Tylah Chante' Milo 2005

So far, my experience in CyberEnglish has been an intelligent journey. I learned a lot more about computers and their commands. I also learned how to set up my web page, which was fun. In CyberEnglish I learned how to make links from one web page to another, I also learned how to make my web page colorful so that it can attract readers. I also learned about the program putty that is connected to the internet so that my work can be shown to the world. CyberEnglish has influenced be as a person because I learned a lot by telling a computer what to do. I learned that if you put in the wrong commands the wrong commands will happen. That also taught be how to give instructions so that someone or something would not get confused.

© Olivia-Ann Richardson 2005

When I first walked in, I was expecting to do some kind of program on the computer which I find mostly boring but it was more than that. Cyber English has helped me develop what the vocabulary might mean, rather than memorizing every word I would probably forget anyways. I dislike how I have to update my ejournal every single day. I rather do it like 2 entries a week. Even if we do have to do the ejournal every single day, most of my classmates dont even update their ejournal, maybe I am the only one(?). I actually like Cyber English because there`s so much things to learn about and use the computer at the same time, what most people like. Instead of looking at only books and doing English, we are able to read books independently and do computers at the same time. This class helped me be very independent and help organize myself. The vety is very helpful for my SAT`s. Reading a book every month is a clever idea. Instead summarizing the book, we get to write about ourselves and discover ourselves. It actually improved my self-esteem and it made me feel confident in my work, knowing that someone else will be reading my work. The design of our webpages helped me spread my creativity and reveal my sense of style. Its amazing how one class can help me get busy and not slack off because there is always something to work on in Mr. Nellen`s class. When we do our work, Mr. Nellen actually corrects our grammar and spelling errors on the smartboard so we can see where our mistakes are made. My fast typing can be exercised and actually be used for something for once. I`ve been always surfing the web and online, contantly chatting but I had no idea how the computer worked. This school actually helped me know what is going on in the computer. The usage of putty in Cyber English has been amazing because I never knew we had this kind of program/application. The monthly reading has actually helped me increase the number of books read. During junior highschool, we were forced to write in reading logs but I doubt that the teachers actually read the summaries so I slacked off on reading logs. I hate to write and I prefer to type because its way easier. This English class and highschool is not like any other. It saves paper from being used or stolen and the datas we save in the computer can be read from anywhere in the world. So if I am proud of my work, I can show my friends in Korea the work I have done through the ITHS website. Cyber English helps make me think about whats out of the box, rather being stuck in the box and thats what I like most about this Cyber English class. (ex: usage of your own quotes) I like how I can go home, thinking I`ve learned something important every day.


What I think about Cyber English is that it is very interesting, it can teach you a lot of things about the computer, and the internet. Cyber English is totally different from my other english classes, because in my old english classes, we need to use pen and paper, but, not here. We are able to use techonlogy to help projects and writing a whole lot easier. I like Cyber English, it is very different from my other classes, and I like to use the computer to help my with my work. This class is based on computers, and I like to use the computer most of time, and now that I have this class, I am able to know more about the computer, and how to use it even better. Even though I like this class, I think I am doing bad, because my reports are sort of overdue, bit, I am willing to do better. Mr.nellen is cool, but, even though he is a good teacher, I am still doing bad, my Cyber English class is good, but, I am doing bad because there are too many things to do, I have to do the book reviews, and the ejournals, VETY, it;s a whole other story, I never thought it would be this hard. Cyber English had not only help me in school, but at home also. I can do different things on the computer now, go onto putty and do my work there, find out what's wrong with the programs, block or allow programs, and how to download programs. Before, I didn't even know how the computer worked, now that I have learned about it, I am able to help my family use the computer. It has also changed my plans for the future, now that I am learning about programs and computers, I want to be a computer programmer, and I am gonna stick to that, because I really like to use the computer.

© Alex Guerra 2005