On Becoming A Netizen

On Becoming
A Netizen

The first step is to gain web presence. To do this one would have to locate an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP allows you to connect your computer to the Internet via the telephone line. The ISP will provide guidance, necessary software to help you make this connection. Use the LIST to find one in your area and the LIST will provide pricing and details about the ISP's in your area. Once connectivity is established, you will need email and webspace. In our schools connected to the Internet, the largest challenge is this email and webspace issued. I recommend the free services listed below. Explore the links below to find a free service which suits your needs. Remember before webucation can begin, we need to have web presence as a netizen.

Some readings on communities:

Wally Bock has a great White paper on commercial communities.
Online Community Toolkit
Responsible Netizen
Students' Rights of Access to Information