Now that you have found tons of documents, pages, and other files pertaining to a subject, how do you check their validity? Just because you found it on the Web doesn't make it correct. As a matter of fact, you should be a little skeptical of some resources because anyone can publish on the Web. No editor or governing body enforces standards of Web publication. Useful and valid information has an author, is current, is authoritative, and has as little bias as possible. Many sites offer guidelines and tools to help you evaluate the information you find on the Web.

As you read the articles and rubrics below think of what would be important to you and your students in determining the validity of a resource.

Don't forget to use offline resources for research in your school library, encyclopedias, and textbooks. The Web is one source of information. Just as other sources should be cited in research, so should the information found on the Web. Students as well as teachers should practice and make this a habit.