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Ted's How to Search: Mining the Net, Resources and tutorials.

Search engines are the main tools that Internet browsers use to help you find information and narrow down your searches. For each search you are likely to get not only TOO MUCH information but the *wrong* kind too. Don't rely on just one search engine, learn to use a few.

  • Modules of Instruction on search engines and some.
    Search 1
    Search 2
    Search 3
    George Boole Boolean
  • A WebQuest about search tools.
  • Evaluating Web Resources
  • Reviews of Search Engines from the Search Page

    Here are some MORE guides

  • Annotation of Search Engines by Jennifer Smolka.
  • Choosing the Right Search Engine
  • Search Engine Tutorial
  • Finding It Online
  • Looking for Help? Just ask SCOTT Your Guide to WWW Databases.
  • Internet Scout Project. Great Cybrarian tool.
  • In Search of the Perfect Search Engine Looking for the ultimate online guide to a topic you and your students are about to explore? Do you wonder if all the search tools are really just the same-and whether you'll ever find one that gives you fewer than 85,322 matches? Read on.
  • Reviews of Search Engines from the Search Page

    The following sites have some very interesting ideas on how to organize web search results and are a nice overview of the future. Check em out.

    Kartoo: a metasearch engine with visual display interfaces
    Vivismo: Document Clustering
    Grokker: graphical knowledge map

    Popular Sites

    Kids Search Engines
    Quintura Kids Sunsite
    Search Engines for Kids
    Discovery School
    AskJeeves for kids
    Baltimore County Library
    Cyber Sleuth

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