I used SCORE This site
is great for utilizing the internet to tie into thinking critically about
Jonas's society. There are 5 different activities dealing with crucial
questions about the stories plot. These activities have the kids using
different parts of the web. The links to the projects are protected--in other
words, students cannot go where you don't want them to go. There is no free
rein of the internet while using SCORE. 

I also found information.  Here I
found one activity that lasts 30-60 minutes depending on your needs. This
activity deals with the importance of color and the fact that Jonas's world is
colorless. I like the activity because it helps students to understand what
life would be like without color. I would do this activity as a prereading
exercise so that they start the book with the knowledge of what life would be
like with no color. Basically, the teacher puts up colored paper around the
room at the students height. The kids go around and brainstorm memories and
emotions associated with that specific color. The kids rotate around the room
doing this for each different color. 

I would then have them comment in their journal what color means to them and
what is its importance. What would life be without color? As they read the
novel we can go back to this experience and comment in the journal also
analyzing why Jonas's world had no color. What if it did? How would things
change? etc.

The same brainstorming could be done to music since the community in the novel
has no music.

site gives a good vocabulary list. I use vocabulary as a prereading
activity creating bookmarks with the definitions right on the bookmark. This
same site although the last word is now "assigng1.html" instead of vocabulary
has an online assignment where kids can find a partner online if they wish and
create "The Ceremony" which takes place in the novel. ?Assignment #2 deals with
a reading journal which I have the kids do anyway but has some good ideas. 
Assignment 3 disscusses carreers--this is so important since in the novel
nobody gets to decide what they will be--they are told. Assignment 4 deals with

Another site provided me with some
"theme openers". Great discussion starters dealing with freedom of choice;
following rules; tolerance and intolerance of people who are differenct, and
genetic engineering.

Lastly, I found a 
site talking about the author and some questions she answers about the

All of these are helpful sites in that they give ideas to make my unit more
interesting and stronger. It is always helpful to get ideas from other teaching
peers. I am the only 7 and 8th grade English teacher in the building so I have
no one to talk to bounce ideas off of so sites like this stir up my creativity. 

An excellent teacher site with handouts.

The Random House teacher guide.