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  • 1492: An Ongoing Voyage
  • American Civil War and Reconstruction
  • American Memory from the Library of Congress
  • American Studies Yellow Pages
  • American Studies Curriculum in secondary Schools
  • Archiving Early America
  • Civic Participation Page
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  • Civil War
    • Constitution of the Confederate States "Constitution of the Confederate States of America March 11, 1861.
    • CIVIL WAR CENTER At the United States Civil War Center at Louisiana State University, visitors can locate a variety of public and private data pertaining to the Civil War, as well as information about the center.
    • LETTERS HOME FROM A SOLDIER IN THE U.S. CIVIL WAR The letters found here were written during the Civil War by a private in the 36th Infantry, Iowa Volunteers, to his faithful companion (and future wife) at home. They detail his life as he traveled in Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa and Arkansas. The site was compiled by the private's great-grandson.
    • NATIONAL CIVIL WAR ASSOCIAITON You'd never expect to find the National Civil War Association in Northern ... California. But this group offers re-enactment camps, historic resources to research Confederate and Union forces, and links to other U.S. Civil War sites.
    • SELECTED CIVIL WAR PHOTOGRAPHS The U.S. Library of Congress exhibits over 1,000 electronic images in its Selected Civil War Photographs Collection. Portraits of military personnel and battle scene landscapes make up this historic online archive.
    • VALLEY OF THE SHADOW: LIVING THE CIVIL WAR IN PENNSYLVANIA AND VIRGINIA This online project is dedicated to exploring the histories of two communities -- one on either side of the Mason-Dixon Line -- during the American Civil War era. Site features include a literary narrative and an archive of the resources.
  • Colonial Williamsburg [Macromedia Flash Player]
  • Colonial Hall Looking for biographies of famous and lesser-known founding fathers? Check out this site for profiles of more than 100 signers of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Articles of Confederation.
  • CRM Cultural Protection Legislation
  • Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit
  • Deep Throat Uncovered
  • Duke University Special Collections Library
  • Experiencing War: Stories from the Veterans History Project [RealOne Player]
  • Explore Sacred Sites and Ancient Civilizations including the History of Easter Island, Stonehenge, Chichen Itza and other ancient civilizations
  • "Federal Consumer Information Center - catalog of free and low-cost federal publications of consumer interest
  • FedStats provides easy access to statistics and information produced by more than 100 U.S. Federal Government agencies."
  • Forgotten Founders Franklin and Iroquois
  • Forgotten NY
  • Government Statistics
  • History Archives
  • History Dept.
  • History Links Environmental, Oral, Photos, Air Force
  • More History Links
  • History Matters Update [RealPlayer] A joint project of the City University of New York's American Social History Project/ Center for Media and Learning and George Mason University's Center for History and New Media, this feature-rich site has recently announced a major expansion (see the original review in the September 22, 1998 _Scout Report for Social Sciences_). As before, History Matters is an excellent resource for high school and university history teachers, now offering hundreds of primary documents and audio clips, an impressive annotated webliography, sample Web-based assignments, and a useful reference section which links to resources on standards, citing and evaluating Websites, and understanding copyright and fair use laws. Additional sections include guides for analyzing primary sources, annotated syllabi, sample student projects, and teaching tips and strategies. The site may be browsed by section or searched by keyword or advanced options. Any instructor in US history or social studies will want to bookmark this site.
  • History of Jim Crow
  • Jim Crow laws
  • History Place
  • history resources on the Internet is WWW-VL HISTORY CENTRAL CATALOGUE. Thousands of links, indexed by regions and themes, and kept fairly up to date.
  • Internet Archive
  • Kids Voting
  • Levi Anthony's classroom
  • The Making of America (MOA) is a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology.
  • Multi Educator History Living history, great site
  • Papers of George Washngton
  • Picturing the Century: One Hundred Years of Photography from the National Archives Based on an exhibition of photographs at the National Archives that runs through July of this year, Picturing the Century is an appealing online exhibit of historically significant photographs from both well-known and amateur photographers. The gallery features 70 photographs under the headings A New Century, The Great War and the New Era, The Great Depression and the New Deal, A World in Flames (World War II), Postwar America, and Century's End. Many of the images here are affectingly representative of their times, including the first Wright brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, immigrants arriving at Ellis Island, Lyndon Johnson meeting with Martin Luther King, Jr., flower children placing daisies into the rifles of US soldiers, and Nixon's post-resignation departure from the White House. A portfolio section contains another several dozen images taken from the works of Walter Lubken, Lewis Hine, George Ackerman, Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, Charles Fenno Jacobs, and Danny Lyon. The photographs are offered in expandable thumbnails with context and photographer information (if known) provided. Best of all, the images are available for immediate printout.
  • The Political Graveyard is a web site about U.S. political history and cemeteries.
  • Presidential Info Grolier OnLine
  • Public History Resource Center
  • Rank the Presidents from the best to the worst - find out how your favorite President ranks.
  • Mr Rodger's History and Geography Page
  • Social Studies School Service
  • Segregation in USA 1950s & 1960s
  • Teaching the JAH This new site from the _Journal of American History_ will feature digital resources that help "bridge the gap between the latest scholarly research in U.S. history and the practice of classroom teaching." The authors of the featured articles will provide tips, documents, and other materials to demonstrate how their work might be taught in an undergraduate US history survey. The first article is "Evolution for John Doe: Pictures, the Public, and the Scopes Trial Debate," by Areson Clark. The site provides the full text of the article, comments on teaching the article, primary documents (in this case a collection of images), suggestions for further reading, and some related sites. Teaching the JAH is an excellent idea and a model that can be repeated in any discipline. Three more projects are planned for this site over the next two years.
  • Uncle Sam for Kids is a valuable homework resource tool in American history & government, political science, and leadership, as well as other subjects taught in schools.
  • US Presidents an index.
  • Vietnam Veterans Page

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