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    The most important suggestion I would make is to make these activities
    on computers/Internet match what you are teaching.  
    Suggestions of places to use with first graders
    Look at Getting to Know Numbers: Ideas for PreK-1  (navigation is on
    the right)
    specifically the ones listed here:
    (if url wraps in email, fix it!)
    example: Mend the Number Square
    And this National Library of Virtual Manipulatives grades PK-2
    here is sample:
    And this Bobbie Bear Counting Strategies from NCTM Illuminations site
    see more like it here:
    Connected Kids: Using the Internet to Teach PreK-2 Mathematics (navigation is on
    the right)
    specifically those listed here:
    And this: 
    Dosity Grade K-2 activates
    Be sure to look at Varnelle Moore's Primary Math Activities
    Also try this Everyday Mathematics demosite  

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