Although this may be a librarian page, other links from the cybrary and the Cybrarian page will be most beneficial, so check them out, too.

  • All readers is a massive collection of books.
  • The Awesome Library organizes the Web with 15,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.
  • Cybrary at University of Queensland, AU.
  • Library Spot
  • NewBreed Librarian is a bimonthly publication intended to foster a sense of community for those new to librarianship, whether in school or just out
  • Outlines and links to new and interesting ways libraries are making use of the Web (form and content)
  • Internet Public Library The Internet Public Library (IPL) is the product of a graduate seminar at the School of Information and Library Studies at the University of Michigan to explore "the interconnections of libraries, librarians, and librarianship with a distributed networked environment." The website offers library services via the Internet, including digital reference service and collection management. The project is also "an experiment, trying to discover and promote the most effective roles and contributions of librarians to the Internet and vice versa." The KidSpace section is designed with kids in mind and offers links to an annotated bibliography of Internet resources on various topics including The World, Computers/ Internet, Math & Science, and Sports & Recreation. A separate section for parents and teachers provides links to educational resources. Other features include a section where children under age 13 can ask the librarian a question, a Culture Quest highlighting various regions of the world, text and audio files of stories, facts about U.S. presidents, basics on HTML, and ideas for science fair projects. [VF] This site is also reviewed in the October 22, 2004_NSDL MET Report_.