• American Folklore
  • Ancient/Classical History
  • Archetypes
  • Barr's Class
  • Big Myth This site uses Shockwave technology to tell creation stories from around the world. Students can read along as they listen to stories told in either English or Dutch. Support materials for each pantheon direct students to further inquiry. The stories are appropriate for many grade levels and varying fluency in English. This site is an *outstanding* example of using new technology for education!****
  • Bulfinch's Mythology
  • Classical Pages
  • Classical Mythology Directory Created by Dr. Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Professor in the Department of Greek, Hebrew, and Roman Classics at Temple University, this site is primarily intended for students enrolled in the Dr. Mitchell-Boyask's summer or fall 2002 Classical Mythology course. However, the site provides a host of information on classical mythology and would be useful to anyone studying and/or interested in this area of specialization. Not only does the site contain study guides, which could be valuable material for English teachers, but it also contains information on the myths of Rome and Athens, numerous paintings and sculptures, as well as many links to other relevant sites. Classical Mythology Directory
  • Creation Myths from around the World
  • Common Elements in Creation Myths
  • Creation Myths from a variety of cultures from around the world
  • Creation Myths
  • Links to Creation Mythologies Around the World
  • Creation Myths Around the World
  • Creation Myths
  • The Encyclopedia Mythica
  • Fairy Tales from SurLaLune
  • Greek & Roman Gods
  • Greek & Roman Links
  • The Greek Gods
  • Hamilton:
    Class project interpretations
    Study Guides
    Lesson Plans
    Advanced Placement Class
    A Webquest
  • Images
  • Journey of Odysseus Web Quest
  • The Labours of Hercules
  • Medicine from the Gods to Galen
  • MYTHMEDIA - Mythology in Western Art
  • Myths and Legends
  • Pompeii Forum
  • Roman Gods I
  • Roman Gods II
  • Roman Gods III
  • Theater Guide to Little Red Riding Hood
  • Take a trip back in time and find out about the Seven Wonders of the World
  • Ultimate links to all things ancient
  • Stories, myths, such as the creation of the world, are listed.
  • A list of gods with a lot of information.
  • Simple link with a family tree.
  • A list of gods with their symbols.
  • An encyclopedia.
  • Relationships between the gods
  • For lots of gods and their symbols.
  • For many examples of myths.
  • For myths and information.
  • Family information
  • For images in art
  • Shows how the gods are linked.Windows to the Universe
  • World of Myths a collection of articles devoted to the Gods of the ancient world and the adventures of its greatest heroes.

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