From: Jean Gritter 

Carla --

Here's a web scavenger hunt that I banged out for Salem Witch Trials
background this year. We did this after we read the Crucible (we did the
National Geographic interactive site first -- fun stuff!). It ain't
much, but I hope it helps.

Jean G.


Salem Witch Trials: What actually happened?
History Web Hunt

Using the websites listed, find answers to the following questions.

1.	What was Samuel Parris^ job before he became a minister?

2.	Who was Cotton Mather?

3.	Where was Tituba originally from (not Barbados)?

4.	How did Tituba leave the Parris household?

5.	Sarah Good was, in fact, married at the time of the trials. What was
her husband^s name, and what happened to him?

6.	How old was Rebecca Nurse at the time of her trial? How many
villagers signed the petition on her behalf?

7.	How old was Abigail Williams at the time of the trials?

8.	How old was John Proctor, and what was his occupation?

9.	Who else in the Proctor household was accused of witchcraft besides
John and Elizabeth?

10.	Who was the first child to be accused of witchcraft? How old was she?

11.	Who was George Burroughs? What remarkable thing (for an accused
witch) did he do at his execution?

12.	In what year did English law make witchcraft a capital crime?

13.	How many people died as a result of the witch trials?

14.	What year did Massachusetts formally apologize for the witch trials?

15.	Please explain briefly the following Puritan beliefs:
	^ Total Depravity - 
	^ Unconditional Election - 
	^ Limited Atonement - 
	^ Irresistible Grace - 
	^ Perseverance of the "saints" -