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  • MIT

  • Absolute Shakespeare not the vodka.
  • Annotated Links from
  • Arden Shakespeare
  • Follow the links to discover scholarship, homage, and information about the greatest playwright of all time. On the big screen, on the stage, and on the printed page, the Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon continues to entertain and educate us.
  • Be an Explorer Good K-12 resource.
  • Ben Jonson Buried in Westminster Abbey (under a plain slab adorned with the words, Rare Ben Jonson), Ben Jonson was one of England's most renowned playwrights during the 17th century. A contemporary of Shakespeare, Jonson was born in 1572, educated at the Westminster School, and as a young man joined the theatrical company of Philip Henslowe in London. Shortly after joining the company, Jonson's second play, Every Man in His Humour, was performed in 1598 at the Globe, with a cast that included William Shakespeare. Ever the quick wit and satirist, Jonson's reputation was firmly secured by the comedies he wrote between 1605 and 1614, which included The Alchemist and Bartholomew Fair. This site, provided by the Luminarium, contains most of Jonsons' plays and lyric poetry, a brief biography (with hypertext links), additional Web resources, and a number of critical essays on Jonson's body of work. Visitors will want to make sure to read Jonson's homage to William Shakespeare, titled "To the Memory of My Beloved the Author, Mr. William Shakespeare."
  • BLOG News on the Rialto. Herein lies the most current news items about all things Shakespearean. This Blog is published by Shakespeare Magazine
  • Borrowers and Lenders is a new, peer-reviewed, online, multimedia Shakespeare journal to be launched in 2005. The journal will appear biannually.
  • Charles Knight's Imperial Edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works This web site features high-quality renderings of the 38 beautiful engravings from the 1873 Imperial Edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works by Victorian publisher Charles Knight, together with accompanying English and Dutch texts. For a number of English texts a sound recording is available. In addition, an overview of Charles Knight's working life is presented.
  • Dictionary of Stage Directions in English Drama, 1580-1642.
  • Early Texts for scholars and others.
  • Emory's Shakespeare Illustrated
  • The Eternal Now of a Shakespeare Play By BRUCE WEBER in NYTimes.
  • Everyday life in Tudor England - food, occupations, games, pastimes, religion, fashion, manners, and education in the time of Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare."
  • Explore Shakespeare's Words
  • Finding Shakespeare Monologues we make it easy for students and actors to find monologues and more.
  • The Folger Shakespeare Library
  • Golden Ear Test How well can you recognize a Shakespearean passage from a non-Shakespearean passage.
  • Hamlet stick figure version.
  • HyperHamlet could be described as a dictionary-in-progress which does not tell us where phrases come from (as other dictionaries do), but rather where Shakespeare's phrases have gone.
  • Hamlet Works
  • Illustrated Shakespeare 1826 - 1919
  • Images from Lewis Walpole Library Use "Shakespeare" in search.
  • Insults:
    Ye Olde Official Shakespearean Insult Kit
    Elizabethan Insults
    Create Your Own Shakespearean Insults
    More Insult Generators
  • Lambs' Tales of Shakespeare
  • Limericks There was a young girl from Verona..
  • Malaspina Great Books Site
  • Marlowe
  • Midsummer Night's Dream annotated hypertext.
  • Monologues
  • Multicultural & Multilingual Approaches To Teaching Shakespeare
  • The Nameless Shakespeare, as it is provisionally called, is the product of collaboration between the Perseus Project at Tufts University and Northwestern faculty and staff in Academic Technologies and the Library.
  • No Fear Shakespeare puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a facing-page translation into modern English—the kind of English people actually speak today.
  • Oxford Shakespeare.
  • Passion in Pieces Modern film renditions of sonnets: 15, 138, 29, 145, 94
  • Play Extempore teaching tools available for free download: it's a role- playing game (think Dungeons and Dragons in 5 acts) that allows players to improvise a Shakespeare-like narrative. It's suited for advanced students and nerdy scholars.
  • Poor Yorick Multimedia Resources
  • Rhonda Haydock's Scavenger Hunt.
  • Rowse Obit
  • Eric Sams works on Shakespeare.
  • Shakespeare and the Internet A very comprehensive site for Shakespeare on the web.
  • The S H A K S P E R Web Site listserve contents ****
    The archives
  • Shakespeare Complete Works
  • Shakespeare and the Internet
  • Shakeseare and Science Fiction
  • Shakespeare Authorship Page
  • Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
  • Shakespeare's Funeral Elegy for William Peter
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
  • Shakespeare goes Electronic

  • Shakespeare High
  • Shakespeare in Education
  • Shakespeare in NZ and great links!!!
  • Shakespeare Internet Editions
  • Shakespeare Magazine
  • Shakespeare Mystery Did Shakespeare actually write the plays generally accredited to him? Some think not. The debate continues at this site.
  • Shakespeare On Line
  • Shakespeare Oxford Society
  • Shakespeare the Scholmaster Ted's 1986 scholarship.
  • Shakespeare Searched is a search engine designed to provide quick access to passages from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets.
  • Shakespeare Tidbits
  • Shakespeare @ ENotes Our Shakespeare section contains thousands of pages of content on the life and work of the world's greatest author, including eNotes to more than 20 titles.
  • Shakespeare's Who's On First You Tube
  • Shakespeare's Sonnets
  • Sonnets Paraphrased,
  • Shakespeare Tarot cards: erotic
  • Shakespeare Tarot cards: Oracle
  • Shakespeare Tarot cards
  • Shakespeareances
  • The Singularity of Shakespeare from April 2008 The Atlantic.
  • A Taste of Shakespeare
  • Teaching Shakespeare Folger Library offers a fabulous lesson plan archive and general tips on teaching Shakespeare to students.
  • Treasures in Full: Shakespeare in Quarto
  • VisualizingShakespearean Plots as Interactive Networks
  • Words of Shakespeare Glosary and Concordance. Subscription with seven day free trial. Crystal and Crystal editors.
  • World Shakespeare Bibliography

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