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This is our Technology Lead Teacher Program in Capistrano. I think it
provides an outline of the program and what we hope to accomplish it. This
site is a work in progress. We will have all the links for each week up by
the end of the year.
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  Hello Everyone!
I'm writing my next column and articles on the importance of using student
achievement to drive the technology professional development program and
process to design the action plan. Standards and curriculum fit also.

Open to ideas, links, or successful programs. Know that past programs
people have shared on this list also meet this criteria. Just trying to
update and focus. Credit will be given in the column if contribution used.
Would like examples, success stories, how and why process is effective.

There are so many options, strategies - looking for what you feel are the
best and bring all the ideas together in the column. Here are some
references of programs that emphasize visioning, using student learning,
importance of the collaborative planning process, etc.:
>   Technology in Education at WestEd (Harvey Barnett is contact here)
>   http://www.wested.org/tie/ppe.html
>   Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
>   http://www.sedl.org/
>   NCREL (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory)
>     Example: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement
>     http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/issues/methods/technlgy/te800.htm
>     another example: Effective Learning Models
>     http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/issues/educatrs/profdevl/pd2effec.htm
>   Technology andEducation Reform
>   http://www.ed.gov/pubs/EdReformStudies/EdTech/welcome.shtml
>   ISTE's info on standards -
>   http://www.iste.org
>     check out our scope and sequence aligned to ISTE (feedback welcome) also
> putting together a checklist for each grade level based on the scope and
> sequence
>     http://www.my-ecoach.com/scope/intro.htm
>   Standards and Curriculum - McRel
>   Looking at Cycle of Inquiry from BASRC, Theory of Change model given by
> Joellen Killion from NSDC, and the DHS planning process.
>   loads more - just need to pull together strategies from other resources so
> fits in under 1200 words - :o)
>   Thanks,
>   Barbara
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