Starting a Computer Club.

Starting a Computer Club.

  • Does your school have the funds to support it?
  • Does your school have the personel and equipment to support it?
  • Does your school have the support to support it?

    I ask these questions because once you start one, you must continue it becasue the kids expect it and if the club dies then the kids suffer.

    So is the school 100% behind it? In writing? Contracts written, signed??

    So announce to the school you will be holding trhe first computer club meeting in room?? at ??? after school. You will be inundated with kids. What are their needs? Basic, advanced, free time? Is the club to be academic or is it to be a club. Cliches will form, let them. I see the club as organized chaos. They choose the activities. Others like teachers and administrators and parents can suggets ideas, but the kids rule. they decide activities. So if they need some word processing or html or java or how do I fix this computer stuff, that should be the agenda.

    Be sure to elect officers. Let them create the agenda for the club. Enjoy yourself as advisor.