Adding a Graphic

Adding a graphic is simple. After you have located a graphic you wish to add to your page, locate in your document where you want to place the graphic. To add space before and after the graphic use the <p> code. In between this coding write <img src="URL of GRAPHIC">. If you wish to center it use center code: <center> before it and </center> after it. Rather than have the graphic on your server space which may violate copyright, point to it by using the URL. To find the URL of the graphic use right mouse on the graphic and find Properties. click left mouse on Properties and the URL will be revealed. Copy the URL from Properties onto the page where you want the graphic to be seen.

  • To see some Graphics try:
    Index of Graphics
    For more Graphics

  • Playing with Images: advanced coding.
    - pointing to source
    - width and height tags
    - Photoshop

    To learn more about coding graphics, see this for more on working with images.

    <img src="" width="72" height="72">

    sing align allows neat usage of the alphabet.
    <img src="" align="bottom" WIDTH="59" HEIGHT="61">