Making a Link

To a site on the Internet:
<a href="">Yahoo</a>
The full address is needed: http://

To a file in your web directory:
<a href="cylib.html">Cybrary</a>
Notice how you don't need to put in the full URL, only the name of the file.

Within the same page:
When you click on "TOP" to the right, you go to the top of this page. Then, when you click on "Making Links" at the top, you arrive at this spot. Why?
The code to make the link is: <a href="#top">TOP</a> to go to the top. note the use the of # symbol
The second code is: <a name=top> which is placed at the spot to which you wish to go.

Using a graphic as a link:

writing this:
<a href="">
<img src="">LINK</a>

does this:

Opening another browser

You may want someone to see another page, especially one not in your control, and you don't want hir to lose your page, so you add target=other to the end of your link coding.
<a href="" target=other>Yahoo</a>