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MS to eradicate GPL, hence Linux
MS Palladium protects IT vendors, not you
MS security patch EULA gives Billg admin privileges on your box

  • UGANDAN WOMEN FARMERS GO HI-TECH Thanks to an interactive CD-Rom, Ugandan women are becoming better farmers. The CD-Rom project evolved at the Nakaseke Telecentre where the original idea was to use e-mail and Internet to access information for farmers. "But," says coordinator Rita Mijumbi, "there wasn't much content relevant to the rural people on the Internet. We had an information gap and this is how the CD-Rom project came into being." The CD-Rom has been very successful because it does not rely only on reading skills. Women who cannot read can still learn to use the disk and listen to the audio information. One of the center's stars is 70 year old Anastasia Namisango who has benefited greatly from the ideas she learned from the CD-Rom program. "I had one chicken and one pig," she said, "but when I read how to build on what you have, I decided to become patient and rear that one chicken that I had. Now I have 20 chickens and five pigs." [SOURCE: BBC News]