Technology Advisory Committee  

Session One: November 20, 1997


Theme: Learning with technology to increase student and educator achievement alike.

Presented by: Ted Nellen )


        I. How will emerging technologies affect models of curriculum, teaching, assessment and schooling resulting in increased student achi evement?

A. Curriculum

1. Constructivism

2. Projects

3. collaboration, team work

a. in class

b. with other schools

4.  Interdisciplinary

5. Cross Curriculum

6. SCANS Report of 1991(

7. Standards (

a. 1983 Nation at Risk (

b.Governors' conference at IBM, 1996 National Education Summit (

B.   Teaching

1. sage on the stage replaced by guide by the side

2. mentoring (

3. team

4. student

5. collaboration with business

6. Cybrarian (

C.  Assessment

1. Objective Test

a. ETS lose it

b. Regents getting better

2.  portfolio

3. webfolio

4. Projects

5. STW

6. internships

7. community service

II.   What types of professional development can motivate and prepare typical teachers and administrators to master new models of curriculum, teaching, assessment, and sch ooling?

A. schools of education

B. provide stipend and $ support for teacher to prepare over summer and deliver a product in the fall.

C. horizontal not vertical

D. Cybrarian

III.  How can emerging virtual classroom technologies bring resource equity to historically resource poor students?

A. This is the business of society. Horace Mann said in his 12th Report in justifying education. It is to the benefit of society to support education.

B. STW initiatives, legislation, bartering

C. Creative funding

1. loans to schools pay back via intern/services

2. community funding for use of school

3. community centers, community service

D.  Grant writing and inclusion in other grants

E. Make own computers

1. teach skills

2. repairs in house

F.  See Gore's 10/24 speech "Computers for Learning Program"

IV.  What methods of evaluation must be implemented to enhance high economic and social return on investment of educational technology and associated professional development?

A. Portfolio or webfolio assessment

1. daily logs

2. weekly/forthnightly conferences

B.  Problem solving, role playing

C. lose objective: ETS

D. community evaluation board