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In the Beginning there was Ted Nelson & Xanadu!

Then there were sites...

  • 1st some definitions
  • did it all start here with V Bush?
      Constructivism, an umbrella term for many different educational approaches, finds its origins in the work of Jerome Bruner, a psychologist who developed a framework for instruction based upon child development and cognition research. In his 1966 book, Toward a Theory of Instruction, he described learning as an active process and laid out cognitive science principles that support effective instruction.
    • Bruner Jerome
  • Noam Chomsky
  • Click by John Barth. An intersting spoof? on hypertext. Read it
  • Interview with James P Comer in Technos Quarterly for Education and Technology Winter 1992.
  • Robert Coover's The End of Books essay in NYTimes Book Review June 21, 1992.
  • Grammatron by Mark Amerika
      Hypertext theorist of course get all googly eyed over Derrida, too. So, I'll close with this quote from Post Card, that very weird ramble that Derrida goes into about a postcard he found that seems to depict Socrates and Plato in reversed roles.

      "What I prefer, about post cards, is that one does not know what is in front or what is in back, here or there, near or far, the Plato or the Socrates, recto or verso. Nor what is the most important, the picture or the text, and in the text, the message ro the caption, or the address. Here, in my post card apocalypse, there are proper names, S. and p., above the picture, and reversibility unleashes itself, goes mad."

      Nancy G. Patterson

  • Eastgate Source for Hypertext
  • Martin Heidegger
  • Hyperizons Listings
  • Hypertext Fiction from Hell
  • Kairos a hypertext journal
  • Landow's Victorian web. Superb!!
  • Language:
  • Noam Chomsky
  • Approach to Learning: The Synthesis of Cognitive Theories into a Novel Approach to Adult Education.
  • McLuhan:
    McLuhan meets Gibson in "Cyberspace" by Mick Doherty.
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • TextArc
  • WikiWikiWeb

    Today in our classrooms we find:

  • Nancy Patterson's Hypertext Theory Comprehensive Exams****
  • Miall
  • Hypertext fiction at Caltech
  • Hypertext Haiku @ MBHS
  • Interactive Fiction and Computers

    In Continuation..

  • CyberEnglish a hypertext experiment in a NYC public high school.
  • Reading List for CyberEnglish.
  • More prithee more hypertext links
  • 3DML 3-D Markup Language

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    The Conference:
    May 29, 1997, THE Original Presentation for the NYC Association of Assistant Principals of English (NYCAAPSE) in association with Polytechnic University.

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