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    Retired February 1, 2012

    English Teacher at Edward A Reynolds Westside HS, 140 West 102 St, NY, NY 10025. 2006 - 2012.

    English Teacher at Information Technology HS 21-16 44th Road, LIC, NY 11101. 2003 - 2006. *

    Professional Developer for Region 4 NYCDOE. 2000 - 2003.

    Teachers College Teaching of English and English Education Adjunct, 2004.

    Fordham University Graduate School of Education, Adjunct, 2000 - 2004.

    Cybrarian, Alternative High Schools, NYC BOE. 2001 - 2003.

    Murry Bergtraum High School, 411 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10038. 1983 - 2000

      CyberEnglish [] Teacher, Virtual Enterprise Coordinator, Computer Coordinator, Chapter One Coordinator, WebMaster
        • Member SBM/SDM team, Member UFT Executive Board, Member Principal's Cabinet
        • WebMaster: Maintain school web site.
        • Technology Coordinator/Mentor
        • Assistant to English Department Chairperson: Scheduling and curriculum development.

    Bergtraum Adult Education Center, 411 Pearl Street, New York.

    • General Assistant: Computer and English Coordinator
    • Instructor: English Grammar, Effective Writing, Word Perfect, Desktop Publishing, Internet.

    Classroom Connect University, Guide and TA, 1999 - 2003.

    Marlboro College Graduate Center Adjunct, 2001 - 2003.

    New School Online University, Adjunct, 1999 - 2001.

    City University of New York, Convent Ave @ 138th Street, New York, NY. 1997.

    • Urban Scholars Program: Consortium with five Manhattan High Schools

    Marymount College, 221 East 71st Street, New York. 1992-1995.

    • Computer Applications in the Classroom.

    Williston-Northampton School, Easthampton, Massachusetts. 1978-1979.

      English, Yearbook Advisor

    Fay School, Southboro, Massachusetts. 1977-1978.

      English, Yearbook Advisor

    Indian Mountain School, Lakeville, Connecticut. 1974-1977.



    Vice President, New York Chapter, Internet Society. 2001.

    Member Advisory Board Digital Divide sponsored by Benton Foundation and AOL Foundation. 10/99

    Co-editor PracticalTheory, a NYC teacher zine discussing and promoting the effective use of technology in our classrooms.

    Member Executive Board, Assembly on Computers in English, NCTE,, since 9/98.

    Member New York New Media Association, 55 Broad Street, New York, NY.

    Member Instructional Technology Committee, NCTE, since 11/97.

    Member of New York City Distant Learning Coalition, since 9/97.

    Co-Chair of Teacher and Student Use of Electronic Online Communication Committee, of NCTE since 7/97

    Member Advisory Board, Digital Clubhouse, 55 Broad St, New York, NY.

    Member Association of Computer Educators, NYC, since 9/96.

    Copy Editor, MEME by David Bennahum, 09/96 - 12/97.

    Editorial Board, Kairos, 08/96 - present.

    Member Manhattan Superintendent's Technology Committee, New York City BOE, since 1995

    Editor, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publications, Hosiery & Underwear, New York. 1979-1981.




  • 1999: Scholar in the Program for K-12 Teachers and Teacher Educators, Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • 1999: Named to eSchoolNews First Impact 30 group.
  • 1995: Board of Education, Manhattan High School Finalist, Teacher of the Year
  • 1993: Reliance Award, Finalist: Teacher of the Year for Manhattan High School
  • 1986: English Speaking Union scholarship to Stratford-upon-Avon


Highlights for CyberEnglish


  • Apr 1996: Speaker/Presenter NCTE Spring Conference, Boston. Making Learning Happen on the Internet.
  • Jul 1996: July 11, 1996, NEACW Conference, Salem State College, Presenter
  • Oct 1996: Presenter Virginia Tech's Mid Atlantic ACW conference, 4-5 Oct.
  • Nov 1996: Presenter @ Hypermedia
  • Apr 1997: Presenter The Internet and its Applications to High School Teaching CUNY Conference
  • May 1997: Presenter @ Classroom Connect Conference
  • May 1997: Presenter @ Our Mutual Estate Conference at Polytechnic University for NYC Association of Assistant Principals of English on the subject of Hypertext
  • Sep 1997: Integrating the Internet into the Classroom Conference at CUNY
  • Nov 1997: Technology Advisory Committee presentation.
  • Nov 1997: The Evolution from English Teacher to Cybrarian Detroit NCTE
  • May 1998: Presenter at Manhattan HS Technology Conference.
  • Oct 1998: Hunter College ACE presentation. Using the Internet & New Media in the Classroom.
  • Nov 1998: On Becoming a Cybrarian School to Work Alliance Conference at 55 Broad Street, NYC.
  • Nov 1998: NCTE Nashville 98 Convention.
  • Feb 1999: COSN99 Washington, DC. Achieving Higher Standards
  • Mar 1999: TEACHNET Technology Curriculum Conference. Assessing Impact of Technology
  • Mar 1999: Computers In Libraries 99: Teacher Morphing into a Cybrarian Arlington, VA.
  • Mar 1999: School Tech Expo & Conf: Web Publishing with Kids,
  • May 1999: Trenton Computer Festival: Using the Wired Classroom.
  • May 1999: Presenter @ Our Mutual Estate Conference at Polytechnic University for NYC Association of Assistant Principals of English on the subject of Using Powerpoint
  • May 1999: ACT II Aligning Classrooms and Technology Conference, Achieving Higher Standards
  • Jun 1999: Global Government Information Technology Summit: Impact of Technology in Education.
  • Aug 1999: Ball State University Institute for Teaching with Computers: Pedagogy, Practice, and Technology of Writing
  • Nov 1999: Comsewogue School District's Superintendent Conference
  • Nov 1999: NCTE Denver 99.
  • Mar 2000: NYSCATE, 1st New York City Regional Conference, Cyber English.
  • May 2000: CW2K, FtWorth presentations.
  • Aug 2000: Global Government Information Technology Summit #2: Traditional School vs Cyber School.
  • Nov 2000: Milwaukee NCTE Conference. Public Education: Taking Education to the Public
  • Mar 2001: SchoolTech Expo, New York City.
  • May 2001: CW2001 @ Ball State
  • June 2001: Alternative HS, NYC Summer Institute 2001, presentation and workshops.
  • July 2001: Carnegie Foundation presentation for Building the Scholarship of Teaching: Teachers Creating Knowledge for Policy and Practice Conference in collaboration with Coalition of Essential Schools and The National Writing Project.
  • Nov 2001: NCTE, Baltimore Presentations
  • June 2002: CAIS, Miss Porter's School Presentation
  • Nov 2004: NCTE, Indianapolis Presentations
  • Nov 2005: NCTE, Pittsburgh Presentations
  • Nov 2007: NCTE, New York City Presentations


  • May 2005 David Warlick Chats with Ted for Connect Learning.
  • Jan 2006 Judyth Piazza Chats with Ted for Student Operated Press.


My Myers-Briggs Keirsay Temperament Results
Oct 25

I am a Colon
I'm very orderly and fact driven.
I'm not concerned much with theories or dreams... only what's true or untrue.

I'm brilliant and incredibly learned. Anything I know is well researched.
I like to make lists and sort through things step by step. I'm not subject to whim or emotions.

My friends see me as a constant source of knowledge and advice.
(But they are a little sick of me being right all of the time!)

I excel in: Leadership positions

I get along best with: The Semi-Colon