Our Mutual Estate

Our Mutual Estate


Multi-linear, non-sequential text

Morphed to ELA

What this page became.

In the Beginning there was Ted Nelson & Xanadu

and then there were sites...

  • First some definitions
  • Hypertext info from MSU
  • Drama
  • Eastgate Source for Hypertext
  • E-Ville Dialogues by Shana M Fisher
  • Getting Over the Edge by Stuart Moulthroup
  • Hyperizons Listings
  • Hypertext Fiction from Hell
  • Hypertext Fiction and Tree Fiction on the Web by Gareth Rees
  • Hypertext Fiction Links
  • Student Hypertext Fiction Links
  • Kairos a hypertext journal
  • More prithee more

    Today in our classrooms we find:

  • Michael Joyce
  • Kaplan & Moulthtop
  • Miall
  • William Weiershauser's class at Iowa Wesleyan
  • Hypertext fiction at Caltech
  • Is there a Hypertext in this Class? Jonathan Smith
  • Cyber Poetry @ MBHS
  • Hypertext Haiku @ MBHS
  • Click by John Barth. An intersting spoof? on hypertext.
  • Hypertext places lots of links!!
  • Interactive Fiction and Computers
  • Hyper[text]fiction: A Post-Modern Type of Thing
  • Hypertext Fiction

    In Conclusion..

  • The CyberLibrary
  • Teacher Resources
  • Citing from the Internet
  • CyberEnglish
  • Learn HTML
  • Books OnLine.

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    May 29, 1997, NYC Association of Assistant Principals of English (NYCAAPSE) in association with Polytechnic University.
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