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1997 Inquiry Cohort

Relevant Articles
Relevant Miscellany

March 1998
Group Dynamics
the Art of Leadership

with Linda Powell
May 15
Cert Exam Prep
Papers of Note
Personal Vision Cybrarian
Virtual Enterprise
School the glue
Education and Community
Oct 1997
Organizational Behavior
Change in Education

with Terry Orr
Nov 1997
Institutional Analysis
with Charles Fowler
Jan 1998
Community Politics,
Policies, and

with Dale Mann
Summer 1997
with Callie Waite
School Reform:
with Beverley Falk
with Marvin Sontag
with Dale Mann
with Gibran Majdalany
with Tom Sobol
May 1997 with Craig Richards
Previous Work


  • Education Policy Analysis
  • Daggett
  • Internet & Society @ Harvard Law School. Free.
  • MilBankWeb @ TC
  • Great Resource of dates and people.
  • Educational Leadership Online
  • Statistical Data NYC Public Schools
  • Schools of Education
  • Education lists
  • Teacher Resources
  • Rand
  • Rethinking Schools
  • Equal Educational Opportunities by Martin Orland & Alexandra Tan
  • Journal of Information Technology and Teacher Education: Abstract
  • Teacher Education Resources
  • Center for Technology in Learning
  • ERIC Clearinghouse on Teaching and Teacher Education
  • Bank Street College
  • Dept of ED
    State Standards
    Choose a State Standard to Read
  • A Nation at Risk 1983
  • Rise and Fall of Standards-Based Education
  • FairTest
  • A Study of Charter Schools First-Year Report May 1997
    Charters at a Crossroads, Northwest Education Magazine, Spring 1997.
    AASA School Administrator Mag, Aug 97
    The Charter School Research web-site
    US Charter Schools
  • Ed Policy Analysis Archives
  • Constructionism in Practice Designing, Thinking, and Learning in a Digital World. Yasmin B Kafai & Mitchel Resnick. Real world examples.
  • Constructivism in Adult Ed
  • Constructivist Ideas
  • Project Appleseed Public School Volunteer Week: Apr 12-20, 98
  • Defusing Hostile Volitile Situations for Educators
  • Second Thoughts by Sallie Tisdale
  • Case Study of CyberEnglish by Liz Cushman Brandjes

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