Education and Community: The collective wisdom
of teachers, parents, and members of our community.


Of the same question asked of parents and teachers: Should parents be involved with their child's/children's education at school?

Teachers responded 40% yes and 60% no, while parents responded 77.5% yes and 22.5% no.

Results on a second question was relatively similar.

I asked teachers: Are you comfortable about having a telementor with with your students?
Their response was 30% yes and 70% no.
I asked the parents: I am ___about having my child my child communicating on the Internet with a telementor.
RESPONSES: 10% were strongly comfortable, 60% comfortable, 20% uncomfortable, 10% strongly uncomfortable.

On further questioning of the parents who expressed any sense of discomfort, I was told they either trusted me or their children insisted and convinced them it was okay, but they still felt uncomfortable.

These numbers tell me that teachers are weary of outsiders and parents are interested in outside influences on their children's education.