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Telementors may make adults feel uncomfortable, my 57 students this year and those students in the past two years never felt nor expressed discomfort with a telementor. In fact they rather liked having a telementor. My students are high school juniors and many as seniors continue corresponding with their telementors. A study of how long this telementor relationship lasts would be worthy of further consideration.

Two questions asked of my students addressed the idea of positive attitudes towards student academic work.

One asked about teachers' attitudes and the other about telementors' attitudes.

Your teacher has a positive attitude about your academic performance?
The students responded:
7% strongly agreed, 75% agreed, 15% disagreed, 2% strongly disagreed.

Another asked:

Your telementor has a positive attitude about your academic performance?
28% stongly agreed, 72% agreed, 0% disagreed and stongly disagreed.

This data is stunning. 17% feel teachers have a negative attitude while 0% feel their telementor has a negative attitude. Could this contribute to some of the ills of education today like violence, dropout, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy? It is worth further study.