Education and Community: The collective wisdom
of teachers, parents, and members of our community.


My research supports the importance of the community educating the child. Two questions addressed this notion.

I asked In which categories would you expect a telementor to assist you.

The students responded randomly: 23 basic skills, 21 Multicultural education, 20 learning to learn for life, 15 individual needs of student met and the rest were single digit results.

A second question asked: To what degree will a telementor be helpful in each category: 1 being Not Important and 5 being Very Important.

The responses about multicultural education were 4 1's, 9 2's, 11 3's, 13 4'2, 15 5's.

This indicates to me, that students view telementors as ways to learn about other cultures, of moving beyond their immediate environment. This awareness is refreshing and encouraging.