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When I asked the students Do you have email/Internet outside school?
The students responded 48% No, 26% some every week, 26% a lot every week.

This correlates with family income, earlier cited, of 48% below $30,000 per year. The relationship of the 48% who said No to the 48% with family incomes under $30,000 is 93%.

On another question I asked of both students and parents: Do you communicate with your parent/child via email?

The students responded 17 Yes, 40 No; while parents responded 14 Yes, 26 No. I have found that parent/child email communication has been important.

During parent conferences, parents who do communicate with their child feel more in touch and some have even said that this is the first time they have really communicated with their child since the child started high school. I feel the equity problem of access will be solved as were other communication methods (telephone, television, etc) were solved over time. Competition will lower prices and new technologies will facilitate alternative methods heretofore available.