Technology and policy and soial sci research
Policy from politics bent.
Immersed in research.
Styles of research.


Bidders Conference: Have to prove to  the feds that you have a
concept better than anyone elses.  Feds run a process called a
bidders conference. Gore - Riley - Roberts who wrote _Power On_
and she has pres appointment which is interested in new ideas for
tech innovative educ .  Feds want you to push the envelope,
interested in new learning communities. cognitive research 4X and
community essence. New ideas, new enegy, new resources,  Clinton
half way done with re-inenting govt.  It is not a govt centered
govt.  In doc new people, new communities, new ideas.  Not
marginal involvement.  Craft learning policy so they embrace the
other people business, entertainment, etc.  What would educ look
like anywhere, anytime, anyhow, anyone, anything.  Emphasis on
learning not on teaching.  
Those which forward will have ideas which are new and proven. 
Prove it, empirical, scientific, credibility.  see age 2 para 2

Riley intends that large numbers be included.  To most needy
children.  5 year plan is read from fifth year back.  5 years of
work and then to sustain this after 5 year.  It is is seed money.
fed funds must be coupled with, not matched, with substantial
money as in local givt, private sector, hardware, salary etc. 
use fed money to lever our work.  

Sustained professional development. Since schools are bringing up
the tail of the tech parade, because teachers are not engaged in
tech use.  page 8-9 dicusses criteria used by panels. Premium on
vision. Impact on numbers.  Not supporting what is already done. 
Teach others.  Change the larger practice of tech ed, exportable. 
Scalable, if done in one, can you do it in more.  Not labs,
computer classrooms.  Into curriculum.  

Professional development
ethnic equitity.
learning communities and expand market.

private sector will not participate unless they make money. 
Include private sector in this to make money.

Break mold thinking, push envelope, go beyond school/teaching to
imrove educ.  new lerning communities.

A few mechanics: language of RFP control, no last best, will run
a pre-proposal process.  

Show other fed money as proof of what done.  Chap 1, Title 1, MAC
roms etc.  But thou shalt not co-mingle.  
Be artful how you present 
Will only do what others cannot.  Equip and wire with other
money.  Attack curriculum and achieving tech wherewithal in

teacher mediated and computer related marriage.  Intent on


The panel is made of wireheads.

US Dept of Ed not Dept of schools or schooling.

TechMasters as a school which built own computers and then did
Homework helpers, retired teachers who helped kids with after
school help, add LightSpan and Bingo.

Thinking outside the box.  
use new tech and internet
to improve education and increase econ competitiveness.

sustain pro dev, integrate curriculum, meet high standards

in schools this has failed.
too few can afford the costs or risk associated.

Importance of technology?
increases communication
increases learning opportunities
delphi procedure most dominant personality will dominate. don't
     convene f2f. 
quantified it 1-10

focus group opposite of delphi group.
reducing the data, 

content analysis
similar words, frequ analysi, based on repetition, 

empirical way:  where do kids learn? everywhere
projective technique  to map the words

In budgets read reality, values. 
whose money is it? tax, levy
How much money are you spending?
probe: whose? 
probe: first or last$
how do I know?
what evidence?

knowledge counts, authority counts, 
assembling data: why in two piles
unobtrusive data
What is technology?
made a design, collected data, coded by recorded, 


motives why people use tech,
how do I evauate
14$ bill lots
impact study

state leg tired of spending money on schools with nothing to
show. ach tests
impact of tech 

no intervention no effect

$'s ?
do you have a tech coordinator?

Quantitative data=
Tech plans
tech coor
inventory sheets
     hardware, software, 



pre/post of ach

unit of analysis: what is to be measured. 


super's world:
first prioritize
how do i connect them?
how do i manage?

univ of needs:
category might be helpful ,but not necessarily
which ones? connections? unions? personal? consider all and then
     how do you leave footprint?
once you do reaction stuff?  if all you can do is move files,
     then you aren't going far.  got to make decisions.  commit,
     select, how?
world of policy: anxiety, pathology, personal, professional. 
     action creates understanding.
Trust the process.   school is org to keep everyone in place. no
     risk taking, profound penalities.
high degree of ambiguity. how to get through the fog of

what drives policy?
what dosn't drive policy?
step of things to get through to the dissertation.  

Tech impact study
expectations: what di you set out to do ? goals?
Investments: what $ spent? what have?
Results: What teacher, student and school outcomes are assoc with

instructivist to constructivist
crosswalk is the check;
Consider the survey, the ques in the

start with hot buttons, use an element of anger, ask questions

data must confront the beliefs.


Instructional tech, how you do research, case in policy.


the family as America's smallest school
the parent as the child's first teacher 
"family capital"

the last unreformd institution since the 19th cent
transporation in this century from horse to space growth
medicine private doctors through 3 transformations.

same old same old 
k-12g schooling
Home is an element of 18 years of Learning
h E 18 Learning

learning system not a teaching system

Serious Play

Change American family: once momma got a job we blew it.

4.5 hrs /week  on hw
4.5 hrs /day in front of tube

1/3 more learning in 1/3 less time

The other educators
Larry Cremin
peer group

if the list runs that way why does the most amount $ in the least
Digital Chalk: An E*T*E (educ tech entertainment)

corporate mergers with talent and money searching 

marry entertainment and learning

"serious Play"

make money
knowledge to the learner
deep democratic policy.
reinvent the learning envionment.
Oh learning what a thing it is.  Shakespeare



annotate the budget prove or show how the money will spend.
more techie
consortium too narrow, 

consequences of 4 Nies?
pacific rim
numbers and numbers..

Miriam  Cilo  visitor.

Internet to home. 
Viability of delivering educ content over the Internet for
1. Internet
2. educ
3. profit

priv sector bureaucracy better to solve problems.

Is there a market?
What is the market?
Who is the market?
How big is the market?
What are they willing to pay?

create character write a story that is interactive
revolves around the curriculum
using entertainment folks to help write the interaction element.
Prob data, interpret visually, 
ideo game preparing for life
connecting sch w/ home
ADULT literacy
balancing cone paper lok at point,hard lookat whole thing to
connecting family by requiring family training.  
equity and access
parents were learning w/ kids
attendance was 65%
after lightspan 100%

"Games have a positive educational influence that no one can
appreciate who has not observed their effects.  Children who are
slow, dull, and lethargic: who obsefrve but little of what goes
on around them; who react slowly to external stimuli; who are, in 
short, slow to see, to hear, to observe, to think, and to do, may
be completely transformed in these ways by the playing of games."

Jessi Bancroft quote from 1920. Games for the playground, Home,
school, and gym  MacMillan Co.

enhances curriculum
motivated via "serious play"
extend learniing day
involved families
increases equity of access

Sony playstation makes tv dual modal
thumb wrestling: instead of competing collaborate
teachers and parent relationship
learning episodes not television episodes
Mars Moose see at http://www.lightspan.com
5 enter room and shake once with each person how many hand shakes


Prevention and Intervention model
connection with home
with pervasive technology
hot buttons
evaluation componant most important how implement, design, eval
we need to see cognitivity
spending lots of money and make it pervasive.
equity and access.
art of teaching, technology not to supplant it.
schools more of an acad YMCA.