this is the way he was trained as a pol sci
politics, community politics
additional ways to defend, understand
pol and ed  most think who gets jobs
pol as a moral event grandest short of religion.

pol of knowledge: gavin   this is what brought j fernandez done
pol of access
soc promotion v ejection
     pol of discrimination

what does politics mean
partisan politics
ambition delivers noblesse oblige

See articles

consider Messinger v Sharpton
politics is a series of battles, remember summer battle.
she runs from strength - educ
revisit articles
Rudy and Rudy join work forces.
protecting school and playing partisan
is he the reformer becoming the status quo

pol is the public discovery of pub morality, it is the way we do
chronic failure of school test pub and priv
is it the chronic failure of family?
is it the chronic failure of the kids?

can't read the interest of the children into this

who fails?
schools? kids? the system? (totally opague) teachers? admin?
(lack of vision, but slothfulness) 
but who has failed it?

as soon as you select families you select values.
this will advance success
selection gives you control over outcome.
UFT of course against it.
competency based promotion

Rudy G v R Cortines
Leon goldstein pres of kingsboro cc mayor's candidate
1. process counts
eventually C Gresser and 2 others delay
you want the process to be long to see if the person can 
process has to be transparent
2. anyone who is any good is on the edge, below the radar
live by the sword die the sword, it is cyclical
Then the BOE goes with Dan Dominich 4-3
to succeed make folks accountable  this is why union works.
3. action creates power. does it breed more or dcrease it?
action creates understanding too.

conflict is the engine of social change  from JK Galbraith when
he returned from India. 
Sarason says this too.

pol in educ is parties, media, unions, some parents, studied
indifference of everyone, attentive public, 

pol process discovers values, the sch of nyc are what we want.
markets discover prices.

education semi-democratic institution.
What if the democratic process really ruled?
Is socialism a preferable 
indiv organizing processes are more powerful than socializing or

schools are the last socialistic entity connect this to


change it by being a better teacher and political.
community, pol
admin is managing the building presiding over what you have. 
leadership is a challenge to authority.
what is the authority.
preside merely keeps status quo
leading means getting into the face.


4th v 6th
blacks v hispanics
pop who need low skilled low ed workers
everyone does not want to improve schools.
world class econ needs world class educ: not true
we have world class econ, but not world class educ
communities are plural, adds to telementoring
2. politics is the distribution of power.


sch of ed are not the same thing

  fSU                    US, Isr, FR
(former Soviet Union)

|                        )
|     (                 )
|      (               )
|       (             )
|        (          )
|         (       )
|           (    )
|             )(
|         )       (
|      )             (
     Facts     Application    Creativity

You can teach for:



A Universe of Needs:

ROLES                                                              STUDENTS
Parents                                                               Girls
School Boards                                                 A-list/B-list
State BOE                                                          Afr-Amer
State Dept o fEd                                                   Hispanic
Teachers                                                         Adolescent
     recruitment                                             Pre-Adolescent
     training                                               early childhood
     working conditions                                          pre-school
     evaluating                                      urban, rural, suburban
     promoting, dismissing                                    future elites
Principals                                          math & science students
Home schooling

See the politics of list
1. are there outcomes?
2. are they differentially distributed?  do they affect different
     pop differently
if yes then you have politics
subsidy pol : we do it quietly
redistribution pol : watching stack grow until

Why them??  makes pol ugly
Use Ted Lowie to bludgeon folks with this notion.

from pol of social justice to pol of privilege
you should push the politics around not be pushed around by it.

straight ahead pol theory
about now
behaviorial pol scientist  what they do more than charts
more to budget than speeches.
theories are constructs which explain
what does it mean to have a pol theory
about values, disagreements, 

look at the numbers not the rhetoric
big shifts from democratic stuff

big diffs between: attentive elites and electorate
big diffs betwen: electorate and masses

big gaps between leaders and led.

Banfield Unheavenly City, underclass inabilty to gratify, and
can't invest in selves for future so welfare will fail, be more

Bromfield looked at difference in family, we need kabutzs, take
them away from their family

Chas Murray: availibility of welfare you get third generation
welfare.  Better to take welfare than get low end job.

culture of dependency, govt programs did not help they hurt.

keep pluralistic ignorance
shift from race to class based politics

policy analysis helps you to cut pop, policies etc so they do
what you need them to do

political issue is political space

by manipulating, ignoring, manipulate agenda

Participatory democracy:
case for involvement: participation involvement the more they 
1. participate the more they argee with the group they are on, as
participaion increases ownership - constructivism
add parents
2. routed in idealogy of country govt of by for pop

1. committees are a sham, uneven because one issue folks, nut
cases or those already involved.
2. lots of participation facts are wrong.

participatory is impossible, can't happen

do parents run sch?
does community run sch?
does state run sch?

1. stratification theory / elite theory is the triangle with the
power at the top. they is them, there is a strata whish is based
on money (class), power is top down, Floyd Hunter, and govt
officials are controlled 
Hunter: who has the power, (editors, religion, counsel, super,
2. polyarchy / pluralism
3. nondecision

conspiracy theories take away your motivation and you don't think
you can participate.  

major alternative is DAHL pol scientist at Yale. if power isn't
at top then I should look at who participates, who gains, and
which policy areas dominate.  four circles of diff issues: Real
Estate, Taxes, Hosp, Sch: lots of arenas, 
issue based politics
each has issue
The intersection is the power: they are the folks who are most
involved, participatory, is recriprocal power, Japanese ON (do
favors to get obligation), create obligation thus you create
power, expertise  is the ticket
polyarchy: govt elites control, followers control elites
intermittantly, fun to have power - pop who have want to keep it
system works because the way the system is structured.  system
has to be open: how open is the system (very), activists have to
represent community, intensity has to provide access (squeeky
wheel) issue mobilization. 
ambition is responsiveness
What is the politics of pluralism?
administrative democracy.
you are players.
don't believe 1.  see 2 and holes
and see relationship of pedagogy, expertise is the ticket to
what is not pedagogy is politics
pedagogy is the defense against politics
16th Amendment

What is the pedagogy?
what is not pedagogy is politics

John Murphy and Ron Etheridge

non decision making:
what you can't see is what sinks you.

It is what you don't act on, choose to omit, may come back to
bite you in backside.
most of budget is not decided.
momentum decides, 
Bachrach Baratz
soft underbelly of decision making.

State takeover  South Carolina

Part II

The boat analogy:

Jim Coleman 1965 Parents, Peers, Schools
schools least productive and govt money in that not in the
shed load, cut down on goal overload.  telementoring does this -
Stanford Prof. Mike Kirsten
Death of Distance new book 

learner to knowledge will change with telecommunications
digital changes it all kowledge gos to learner cant discriminate
race, sex, age, handicap etc
content is king, 
access: telephone and television
functions served by that tech became instrumental in our lives. 
computers too eventually.  market delivers equity
individual motivation more powerful than community motivation

San Diego  COOP found Infinity owners had families. 

Grissmer, david w  md who is at rand.
state pol interventions, standards, takeovers etc explain 20% of
60% from family
analysis is that family has not deterioratd.
more money coming into the home because women have paid
employment and she won't have as many kids.

quality time is quality crisis time
stud achievement and the changing effect of family

Cleveland conference
effective schools is a new movement 
1972 Averch, Harvey asked by nixon admin figure out where gov
should spend money on educ 
Research has not identified a variant of the existing system to
improve student achievement.  

Ron Edmunds, 
said Brown v BOE Topeka didn't work.
every parents demand excellence for their child
prediction of educ achievement = family back + prior learning
non work poor
work class poor  intense about ed ofchildre
middle class

should be "minimum" because teacher not part of formula, so if
teacher does nothing 

merit pay won't work unless you disaggregate the test scores

Peter Mortimer 15000 hours 
Rutter school matters

outliers study

5 factors theory  Edmonds stuff
Mortimer and Louise Hess have 13 factors

tiered leadership: if your school is doing well, I leave you
alone, if is bad I'm all over you.  kids performed better because
teachers performed better because admin was committed.

Part III

How do you compel belief
measurement is the essence of science

start with dumb wonder
things you care about
help is in theory
look for something done before
     self interest predicts behavior
     arrange things so when self interest is played out you get
          your goals accomplished.
     operational ideas = survey, data collection, interview,
          survey, record some instrument, field test it, analyze
          it and think about the relationship about the numbers.
the bigger the number the stronger the connection.
refine the theory.

how does this make te world a betterplace?

politico: tell me more, it is complicated, partakes of both
virtual representation
decision criteria

Make recommendations which are grounded in the data.


R Andrews
Ed Leadership
sept 87
V 44 n 1

Productive Leadership
H Walberg
phi delta Kappan
Feb 90
v 71 n 6

Ed Leadership
v 41 n__

Ask Carlos for name of article he was mentioning.
meta analyses, 

jenks, coleman, critic of schools was negative

edmonds from Harvard, effective schools, 
before he died he would start
five factors based on edmonds, codification, etc etc
shape of a pentagon:
1. Leadership
2. Teaching & Learning
3. Organization Climate
4.   Aacdemic Press teach teach teach the more you teach the more
     you learn
5. Student Pupil Progress Measurement (tests, portfolio etc)

6. Community - parents

1. Leadership
     diff betw initiation and implementation - need
          participation, buy in, prob is lit doesn't distinq
          between initiation & implem. dont' just implem, prac
          first with small group, then grow the thing and then
     power equalization  who runs the sch - prin or teachers, SBM
     time, way you spend time, instruc & budget, 20% on curr, 80%
          on business
     style of leadership - hard and soft, people skills is good
          and then you have to be tough, concentrate on stude and
          not kids, 
     revisit Houston - Dr Reagan - Strokes and pokes; teacher and
          prin cert tests every three years. 

we know how to teach
we don't

why not?

politics is the reason: across the board everyone. 

aasa, asd, ascd
ed leadership

Org Climate

Sam springfield & teddlie
failing school: leave instruction to kids and teachers, become a
non instructional prin, don't visit classes, don't take votes,
rationalize failure, 

Acad Press
     goal overload, schls do so much that you have to shed load
     until you have enough to make a difference,  Read Time and
     Leaarning, Hammond, Berliner, how much teaching is going on.
     bump up teaching time.  Who owns the classroom 
     telementoring here

Stude pup measurement - marketbasket of methods: stand ach test
part of it, portfolio, prizes won, commun serv, all forms of
assessments, attendance, 

celebrate thus far and then up the ante.
we allow projects to substitute for educ reform.
struggle of proj and sch over who does it proje change scl or scl
     change proj
process of change process to product:  once you got them then
     give the pedagogy
practice makes policy


change behavior then attitude will change
attitude change then behavior will change