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Subject: NEW: deep-ecology - The Deep Ecology On-line Project

Deep-Ecology on

   Does "Deep Ecology" seem like an oxymoron to you?  Then lets talk
   about it!

   The Deep Ecology On-line Project is about encouraging the use of
   communication technologies to facilitate discussion among the deep
   ecology community. It is an opportunity to discuss issues, books, and
   ideas, build resources, and meet others interested in deep ecology.

   This mailing list is sponsored by The Institute For Deep Ecology, and
   The Institute For Global Communication (EcoNet (tm)).


   - A Philosophy based on the Inherent Value of All Life
   - An International Movement for Social Change
   - A Path for Personal Growth
   - A Compass for Daily Action

   Deep ecology is about transforming our way of life.  It is a movement
   of people waking up to the root causes of our society's degradation of
   nature and peoples.  As it seeks to heal contemporary alienation from
   self, community, and the Earth, deep ecology encourages a fundamental
   shift in the way we experience nature and how we respond to the
   environmental crisis.

   Deep ecology arises from a belief in the essential value and
   interdependence of all forms of being.  Supporters of deep ecology are
   committed to minimizing humanity's destructive interference with the
   rest of the natural world and to restoring the diversity and complexity
   of ecosystems and human communities.

   The deep ecology vision is an empowering one.  It offers a view of life
   that nourishes the human spirit.  It offers a community of support to
   face the political and ethical challenges of our time.  It promotes
   practices to help change old patterns of thinking and acting.  And it
   reconciles us with the larger natural world that is our home.


   o  A Chat Center:  A place to discuss various environmental and social
   topics from a deep ecology perspective (ie recent environmental
   legislation, upcoming elections, execution of Saro-Wiwa, intentional
   communities...).  To intellectualize with other deep ecology supporters
   around topics of mutual interest.

   o  A Political Place:  A place to:  share tidbits and updates on
   political legislation and candidates from a deep ecological
   perspective; provide information about which candidates and legislation
   are in line with a deep ecological perspective; request letters or
   calls of support for particular candidates; and alert others about
   political actions that need our support or resistance.

   o  A Resource Center:  For sharing information about books, videos,
   journals, educational programs, online services, etc. Also a place to
   collectively write an annotated list of the above resources that the
   IDE would eventually put into print.
   Eventually we plan to have guests "speakers" online for a few days at a
   time to direct discussions on a certain topic.

   o  A Calendar:  For noting who is doing what where (workshops,
   restoration projects, lectures, etc.)

   o  Publicity:  To share what's up with IDE and other deep ecology

   We welcome your input! Let's interact on-line!

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