Predictable Failure      Sarason
How Schools Might be Governed and Why   Sarason

Often quoted by folks who hate public schools.
One of those names who appear on certified exam.

1. page 60
intractability in schools, teachers teaching curr not kids, pop
most involved not powerful, sch for adults not kids, p137, 

6a: involve community, 

standard based curr??  if the exams leave flexiblity, hated IBM
start where the child is and work.  pub sch doesn't work,
fragmented, treat kids badly, systme can't learn, think

so what would you do:


How Schools Might be Governed and Why   Sarason

Have parents & teachers lead.  see page 56 
schools are vulcanized
what should be done about sch structure
sch should learn how to learn, self correct.
pivotal point is teacher and teaching.
Does not deal with money.
consistent with charter school movement.

says stuff that I agree and then I disagree.
start with children
primacy of parent - teacher
Productive learning
accountablity of schools, too difuse
Power in schools shall be redistributed from bureac to teach
Take for granted what we are doing
Ignorance is virtue outsiders p 24
Parents accountable
Teachers need to grow.
Schools should not be blamed for our social ills
Inadequacy of teacher prep
ownership decision making
premise - pub sch failing
founding for materials for students to own
know people before change
self- correcting
Time change
child least important

schools haven't accomplished much
education high on natinal agendapublic dissatisfaction is real
     and deep
eliminate principal
schools should be run by sch and teachers.

What doesn't he say

He falls down when he leave the area he doesn't know.

axiom p 111