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urfing the Net has been very good for me. It is indeed a new frontier. I have discovered many things. One of these things has been a renewed interest in reading. Gibson, Sterling, Stephenson and non-fiction about the Cyberpunks have provided hou rs of enjoyment similar to how our ancestors certainly enjoyed reading about Earp, Hickok, Masterson, Custer, et al. The Net is not a wasteland as some suggest but instead an oasis and a fountain of rejuvenation. I've done a good deal of reading in the last six months. When I sit down with a good book, these are the books I've sat down with.

Links to Books

n aphorism from: Internet users are omnivorous readers of information printed on paper as well as of electronic material.

I have a list of books to buy and a pile of books to be read. I will add to the above list as I read them.

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