Denise Johnson
I am very honored to part of this committee. I am familiar with the work of several other committee members. As others have stated, I became interested in computers in the late 80's while using them with my elementary students. I was, and still am, fascinated with the enthusiasm and excitement children express while working with computers. I continue to be impressed with the impact that technology has made on education and the learning opportunities that have opened up for children due to technology. Since joining the faculty at the University of Central Arkansas where I teach reading methods to preservice teachers, I have tried to provide experiences for my students that allow them to experience the enthusiasm, excitement and learning opportunities technology offers. I have had much success with the applications I have incorporated into my courses. Additionally, I have conducted research in the public schools on incorporating technology into the literacy curriculum. I have presented at conferences and written articles about these projects.

This summer I created my own webpage. What an undertaking! It is simply a guide to other resources on the 'net. It is in its infancy, to say the least.

Denise Johnson
Assistant Professor of Reading Education
Department of Childhood and Special Education
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