Jim Strickland
In the early 80s, I began writing computer programs that would mimic the helpful probes and prods of a sympathetic writing teacher. That was when I met Dawn, Cindy Selfe, Fred Kemp, Hugh Burns, Helen Schwartz, and Gail Hawisher (among others). One of my programs, QUEST, a program of guided writing prompts, found some success as shareware the late 80s and early 90s. During the years of studying the teaching of writing with computers, I discovered that finding the perfect piece of software is less important than seeing the role of the computer in helping all students to do what writers do: get ideas, generate material, manipulate that material after reviewing, confer and collaborate with others in the classroom or over a network, edit their documents, and publish a final copy. I see the Internet and online connectivity as a way to help teachers and students collaborate and network. I have used the Paradigm online program with my students. here's the address to check that out. I want to see more theorically-sound stuff available, and fewer cute homepages. My complaints about vanity homepages. I look forward to meeting everyone in person (what's that called, IRL in real life?) Jim Strickland
Professor of English
Slippery Rock University
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